Alabama Homeowner Shoots Alleged Intruder In Head During 911 Call

Colion shares two stories of home intruders who were shot in the head and lived.
One was shot five times and still managed to get away.

Something to think about. The skull is the hardest bone in the body.


Very good video, and helpful information, and so true of words said in the video.

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That is why I carry a 45 with DRT DEAD RIGHT THERE! o rounds in it the company that has them are DYNAMIC RESEARCH TECHNOLOGIES,they act like a regular round until it hits liquid and then explodes into a frangible round

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That’s why we’re taught “center mass” vital organs, plenty of bleeding.


Hmmm so hard a 22lr can penetrate it, but I do understand bullets & curved objects. & Scott52 is correct.


Yes, it’s a big gamble. Hit someone in the head with a hockey puck in just the wrong place, and they can die right on the spot. It someone in the head with a bullet in just the wrong place, and it’ll bounce off. (Kind of like that skydiver last week whose parachute failed to open, and she lived after bouncing off the ground.)

Also agree w/ @Scott52. Also why we’re taught to keep firing until the threat stops.


Hence the preferred method of a .22 to the temple, quiet and clean on the outside, messy on the inside! I watch too many movies or I’m just a product of Brooklyn, back in the day, when suits, drinks and card games outside the “candy store” were more than just the neighborhood watch!

There was a code back then, we walked to school uphill both ways, you opened a door for a lady and you never ratted on a friend. Maybe it’s just me but neighborhoods were definitely safer back then.
You don’t think a bunch of radical liberal leftist thugs could ever take over a 6 block area of a Brooklyn neighborhood without any paybacks, do you? “We’ll, do ya?” :man_facepalming:

You gotta ask yourself, do you feel safer today or did you feel safer 5 years ago?…or a .44 magnum, not so clean an quiet! Sure does stop a threat, even if you don’t pull the trigger!

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My shot group has gotten smaller, so I guess I feel safer today than I did 5 years ago.



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Pardon your French. :smile:

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