Aiding The Environment - A Natural Approach

Here’s a suggestion. The next time Arbor Day - typically the last Friday in April - approaches, consider planting new, native trees and/or shrubs to help combat the rising levels of CO2 we keep hearing about, and nurturing them until they’re well on their way to full growth. Pick the most attractive, hardy species that grow rapidly, and can survive tough conditions. Two trees that fill this requirement are the flowering dogwood and the catalpa - the catalpa in particular is a round, symmetrical species with really broad leaves that produces great shade-trees.


Fake science.


Simply planting a tree is also good not in anyone’s name or cause. Nausiated by woke causes, all of them.


Just letting the lawn grow a bit helps as well. Less lawn mower pollution, clover for the bees.
As far as trees…the maples around here grow like weeds, but it’s a good tree for sure. I had to thin out my lower lot last year however, getting overrun with maples, and this way the 2 oaks there are doing better. I may like maples, but I love oak. Splits easier, burns longer and hotter.
Pic is my lower lot. Y2k,I brought home 110 truckloads of wood, a load a day before my second shift job. Cut it, split it, piled it. Lasted me 3 years,plus I sold enough for a new splitter and saw and more…after that pile was gone, the remnants became…this. Rest of the yard became more woods like as well. Shade and windbreaker, never mind good critter habitat.

“Center Island”, used to be a garden, but now it’s mulberries which the birds go crazy for, and a Dawn Redwood, prehistoric tree.

My fuel oil bill is pretty low. And, no, that’s not a trash can lid. That’s a bird bath :smile:

Couple days ago, back home on my e-bike, came around the island and got baby bunny running like crazy, almost into a pine…sorry, bunny. Anyways, I come around behind the house, wife’s in the pool talking to a young deer that likes the barrier bushes by that garden. Very cool, hung out, drank some water, gave me a “look” when I told it “no garden, eat the bush” after it was headed for the zucchini. Nature rocks!


Beautiful place you got there.
Every bit of CO2 helps plants grow and delay the next ice age. Unfortunately, when you emit 100 parts of CO2 (say, you drove your F350 to the mailbox and back), very soon only 1 part will remain, the rest will be soaked in by the oceans and tied by shell building creatures. Dont tell Al Gore.


We could always use more fruit trees.


Walnut trees make good stocks.


Yep, letting the yard grow a bit can yield some…cool stuff…taken just now. Bear hung out in the strip of woods behind the house…I got my shotgun out :see_no_evil:
Wife wanted me to close the shed door, afraid the bear was going to break into her boxes of clothes. I laughed and said " no clothes, why do you think they call them…bares?" :roll_eyes:


But why do you call them dears?

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Why do you call them -white tails?

If you have to ask…