Hi Friends,

We are updating the landscaping at a family home. The front yard is a little sparse and you can see the foundation of the house. We would like to plant some easy/low-maintenance/hassle-free/hands-off landscaping to add some curb appeal. :deciduous_tree:

The front yard gets full sun and is located in Southern New England. Any suggestion on the types of plants we should get, we are looking for some that are or will grow to about four feet high (boxwoods? hostas? grasses?)?? :deciduous_tree:

Much appreciation in advance for any and all suggestions.

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Something with thorns, helps keep criminals from climbing into your windows


Also in same locale, and our property has a lot of various “landscaping”. Everything serves a functional purpose primarily, aesthetics second.
Strawberries, blueberries, Russian olive leaf, these three are low, medium and tall…and the first two are delicious,the third makes an illness fighting tea. We also grow pumpkins near the house. Long vine, big flowers, pumpkin pie. Raspberry plants along the driveway initially, then spread thanks to the birds.


Japanese Barberry


I planted a couple of Japanese Maple :maple_leaf: in my yard. I like them as their leafage is vibrant.


Love this. If i lived in Az, we would plant all cactus. Holly bushes are nice, but we have a lot of area to cover and we already have one overgrown holly tree on the property…but maybe we can fit another one in

Hunting last week, discovered a thorn bush with a bird’s nest in it, smart bird. The thorns last all rear round I noticed, even cut my hand on one. Guessing blooms roses in the summer, beautiful, smells good, and dangerous, great combo.

Dare I suggest add poison ivy beneath my windows as well? Guess who went to the rest room among poison ivy in the woods as a kid? Crime does not pay. Ended up in the ER.

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Camellias, Gardenias, Azaleas, Euryops and Peonies might work well for you.