Advice from Chris Sajnog — Shooting with Both Eyes Open

Got this book about a month ago, easy read. Well worth the $7 it costs for the paper copy.

One of the many things the author recommended was always shooting with both eyes open. I’m used to doing this on all my rifles (scope, red dot, and iron sights), but never thought to do it with my handgun. I tried it, and guess what? My shooting was better, and I was able to get back on target faster. Plus, it seems like I did better at 25 yards than I did before. I’m sure for some of you this is old news, but for me it’s something relatively easy that made a good improvement.

I’ll be practicing some of the other techniques he recommends next time I go to the range. We’ll see what other improvements can be made with the advice of a navy seal trainer.


Honestly, I don’t know why… but don’t like the way he teaches. :expressionless:
Perhaps the way he talks doesn’t sound good to me, but… I really appreciate the fact his videos and book helped me to quickly shoot with both eyes open. :muscle:


I think I saw this video a while ago but forgot about it. I shoot with both eyes open usually! but sometimes I lose my focus and I have to close my left eye to get centered again. I’m going to try his focus exercise at the range this weekend. I like that he includes mindset, visualization, and focus (kind of meditative) to get in the zone.
Where I shoot, the socialization, gabbing, laughing, eating my homemade baked goods, and talking about all things shooting is the heartbeat of the experience. Lots of extremely good shooters and knowledgable folks to learn from. But (and I say this lovingly) it is somewhat distracting at times. I can go down to another range on the property and shoot alone and I have. Sometimes I need to do that to really zone out the rest of it. With electronic ear muffs on, you hear everything (convos). I’m sure that is the only reason my shots are not consistent (Kidding…).


I have always shot with both eyes open though occasionally I have to squint a little to clean up the sight picture for longer or more precise shots.

I have gone through several of Chris’s videos. I really like his key points and focus on the mental aspects of shooting. Though I tend to be left feeling there is more I need to know and do to fully get where he is going.


I guess I’m like the average shooter—started with shooting with one eye closed.

Thankfully, I learned this just before I got my CCW permit.


All depends on the type of shooting. One eye might be fine for untimed precision shooting, but not for speed shooting where your next shot is being mentally planned as you take the current shot. Also, if I ever hear that bump in the night I’m not going into the “unknown” with one eye closed. You live with both eyes open, that’s how you should shoot. This was the advice given me from a number of professional shooters when I was first learning the sport. It works.



There is always squinting.


You had me at “distracting”! I understand that concept. I used to shoot very early mornings, when the range was peaceful. It was my time.
And appreciated the hour or so in my own zone.
Accomplished a lot. Shooting dimes out to 200 yards! Then there were the days on the indoor range, which became almost unbearable when people start firing off .50 caliber pistols, 7.62 rifles. Brass flying in my lane, keeping an eye on the unqualified, stressful, but great conditioning.

This target was produced indoors while to the left and right of me were two AK-47’s on full auto. To say the least I was pissed. I kept my focus, both eyes open knowing this could happen on the streets! 8 round rapid fire, 10 yards, grabbed my target, packed up and left. I find I’m more focused when under stress. There’s no room for error, when things go wrong! IMHO

The perp that opens fire in a mall, church or school is going to be reverberatingly loud and chaotic. I started spending more time in a stressful environment.
However it was something that needed to be overcome, if SHTF.
It’s not going to be peaceful!


As I have read from some of the Old West fighters and from some here; it’s not how fast or fancy you can shoot that counts. It’s the guy that takes the deliberate shot and puts down the other guy that wins.

Good shooting!


@Scott52 Great shooting! For me, I think a balance of alone time on the range and time with others around shooting ammo or shooting the s**t is the answer. I’m the only woman out there 99.9% of the time. I 'm not as good as some of these guys but they are supportive with good advice. Still, I feel a little like I’m being judged. I am also judging myself too harshly…sigh. But I keep trying.
To shoot a target like you is a goal!

This was one of my better targets. 6-7 rounds. As soon as I did well, I stopped shooting and took pics! LOL. some days are better than others. (I have a 380)


Mighty fine shooting sister


We’re you listening to Dan Fogelberg while shooting? :grinning:


Of course! No, but I do want to get blue tooth capable ear buds for shooting…then Dan can sing to me…
:rofl: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :hugs:


First, on my outdoor range, used to be die hard guys only! I’ve seen my range change over the years. 2009 maybe 2% ladies, 2012 15% ladies, 2016 50% ladies and I’m not counting all the children that have appeared with their parents. 2020 still 50% weekdays and weekends.
What I never see are women alone!

If you wish to reach that goal sooner, try a little friendly competition among friends or family. My grandkids are always challenging me. It’s how I keep the car washed and the lunches free!

At the end of a shoot, with whatever rounds are left, it’s usually…
Grandpa hit the left shoulder, OK, grandpa, hit the right shoulder, cool…now they’re laughing, grandpa, hit the thumb! Who’s laughing now.

Happens all the time…grandpa, hit the + in the little circle…

Compete against yourself, try shooting 1” black dots at five yards, then seven and ten. If dots are too boring play some poker!


Five round rapid fire caught on firing range video cameras.
Trust me, I was as shocked as they were!

Do I like to show off, absolutely, f@@king up is just too embarrassing.

The smiley face was for a ten year old boy watching me on the range!

This stuff didn’t happen overnight, more like 20 years, three days a week on the range.

That’s awesome group. You have nothing to worry about. Great shooting! All rounds on paper are a good day! I take pictures of every shoot and I log every single round fired!

My personal recommendation for my grandkids is to always use anatomically correct targets and call the shot! There are no :x:’s on rather bad guys, but there are always kidney, hearts and lungs! Groins too! One inch black dot targets, use your imagination and happy shooting!


@Scott52 You gave me many great ides. YOU are a great shot and someone to emulate! The thumb is just a ‘wow’. I like the playing card idea. I ripped up a large box and had 4 rectangles (like cardboard IDPA targets without the shape). Put post its on center mass and head area and used it as a cheap practice target. I still have a couple left. Post it works great to put over a used target. I cant always tell where the round went so colors help me to see if I’m even close. I cant always tell at longer distances if I hit the metal targets. Without a ping, and they don’t all ping, I’m like… did I hit it? It’s very different at outdoor ranges.
Some days are right on and some days no so much. But I did break a metal swinging target once and I was psyched!


Thank you!
That’s awesome. As long as you’re not hitting the ceiling, other peoples targets or the side walls, you’re good to go!
Many years ago a new indoor range opened in my neighborhood. I was the first to sign up for yearly range time. So the first few weeks, the place is clean, everything works well, the A/C is awesome people are friendly everything is looking good. Until I look up and to the sides. The walls, well let’s just say, it looked like the end of a Bonnie and Clyde movie!


How people do this, I have no clue. It’s why I keep my eyes on others when I shoot!

Absolutely, some days good others not so good. It’s the reason I keep journals. Why did I have a bad day, why was this day perfect. Was it because I cleaned and oiled, did I have a bad day at work.
I do recall when my dad past, I was on my way to the range for some alone time and quickly realized, never go to the range in an emotional state!

Every day on the range should be a good day, not necessarily a good shoot. If I have a bad day on the range, I leave. If there are unruly attitudes on the range I leave. If there are unsafe practices that I can’t control on a range, I leave!

With the eyesight going, splatter targets are the best!


@Scott52 All true and well said. Some days are not good days to shoot. I trust my instincts on all levels.
I need to get splatter targets after I use up what I have!
At first I thought you shot up that car… I was thinking, damn, remind me not to piss off Scott.


I love the splatter targets! I buy some good ones online from a company called Thompson Targets. They sell many non-splatter targets as well.


Love that movie “the highway men”. It’s about the two Texas Rangers that hunted down Bonnie and Clyde and putting those holes in that car.

We need more of that today.


The ROs have told me it is mainly people that chamber a round with their finger on the trigger.

The ones on the ceiling come from an older friend of the owner that shoots a full auto and cannot control it :-1: