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Has USCCA thought about putting a add section here for firearm related items but not firearms to help some of us who are looking for a item ie holsters magazine’s or parts or are you aloud to mention you have something if someone is interested ie mags holsters sights or is that running a foul of the rules


It won’t work. We have tried to do this with holsters last year.
USCCA Community is about training and making us better only. You will never find anything about advertising or selling or trading stuff here.
And actually I agree with this.


Im not sure how a add section would take away it being about training and making us better I personally think it would help some people get things they need wile helping someone else get rid of something they don’t want.

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The specific reasoning is USCCA’s to articulate, but I think having a section devoted to buying/selling/swapping stuff would dilute the message intended for these forums.


In what way would it dilute the message ? as I have read alot of the post there are quite a few that have nothing to do with training or even 2A . if you read the miscellaneous section there are so many post so far off how is that no diluting the message

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So what exactly you are expecting from USCCA?

  • Exchanging information between Community members what is good, what is crappy?
  • Having the “Category” - Sell / Buy / Exchange?

First option is available - just ask about particular stuff and you will get answers from users.
The second option doesn’t apply here at all.


was discussed last year. It has never worked.
You can sell / buy the stuff on designated websites.


We are revisiting the idea, but it’s not on our immediate improvement section yet.

Last year we said no due to the Community having just launched and some of the legal logistics that might arise.

I am not saying we’ll 100% have a classified section, but we are examining the idea again.


Looks the Community is evolving! :muscle:


However, @Shawn31, @Jerzees and others are always willing to assist with recommendations and information.

Just ask, plenty of opinions here, and enough people, someone may have used the item you have a question about.


Opinions are good, everyones used things they like & hate. Sell or buy go to fb pr Craigs list