Ad Council “Family Fire” ad

Has anyone seen this ad on television?
“Daddy, do we have a gun?”
From the Ad Council.
How does this in anyway promote gun safety? Now that there will be many more guns in households that probably don’t have a safe or a secure way of storage, it’s in our best interest to do something.
I think it’s about time we got ourselves an ad that teaches young children what to really do if they did see a gun at their own home or a friends home and teach safety.
So kids if you’re reading this, if you see a gun DO NOT TOUCH, FIND THE NEAREST ADULT, a GUN IS NOT A TOY.
Then teach the four LAWS of GUN HANDLING. This way they don’t become curious in an unsafe manner.
No matter how hard you try to hide something from a toddler and up, they WILL find it.
I know I’m preaching to a choir, but maybe we could all come up with a nationwide television ad that promotes real safe gun handling.
Just a thought. I used to own a business and used TV ads. TV ads are the most powerful brainwashing tool in the world.


I’ve always thought we should bring back those ads from the 70’s the ABC after school special ads, and Saturday Morning ads. Like the " I’m just a bill, on Capitol Hill" one.

Focus on the Constitution.


Wait a minute you mean a kid would know to not touch a gun , without some siren or biometric device alerting the parent to said weapon being tampered with ? You guys like me grew up in a play in the dirt got sick monkey bars environment where at best you did learn from other people’s mistakes! If children are present in the home lock guns away children should be taught , trained , conditioned to believe all guns are loaded and should not be handled irresponsibly , that they are tools for recreational use and law enforcement or military purposes not an object of power or a solution to a problem, we also need our kids to have a good coping mechanism! I was teased and bullied didn’t mean I went and shot up a school it was a thing we went through and I’m not bitter for it either I don’t feel the need to impose my will on others. Nor do I need to control people, I do have a healthy disdain for injustice of any kind . Firearms safety should be part of school curriculum where appropriate


Never seen the ad in question. That said, if I ever do get married and have children, there will be guns in the house, and they will be taught how to handle them safely.

I am not so sure about gunsafes though. That seems like having a glowing sign saying “High Value Target here!” I am however quite taken with gun concealing furniture I have seen.

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I have not seen the ad in question, but there is no way that a gun safety, let alone pro-gun TV ad makes it onto any common media outlet.

I always feel like I’m beating a dead horse when I say this, but we are losing the public relations/marketing war with anti-gunners.