Deceptive advertising

Did anyone watch the inaugural XFL game yesterday? If so, you probably saw the multiple commercials for safe storage of firearms (End Family Fire.0rg). I thought this was an excellent commercial and agree with the proper storage of firearms until…I went to the site and immediately was redirected to BRADY. I think this is a deceptive ad campaign to gain the support of the mass to only provide a negative background for gun legislations and other political platforms. Let me know your thoughts.


That’s the middle name of every liberal on the planet “deception”! It’s not only fake news it’s fake people.




I recall seeing these commercials a few times on Sportsman’s network and did the same thing you did @Leonard, looked them up and discovered who they really were.

To be fair…it’s one of the few things that the Brady group et al are correct about…unattended guns should be secured safely and unable to be accessed by kids (or any other unauthorized user).

But yeah, not going to support them…any more than I’d buy a broken clock that’s right twice a day.

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How far are you willing to go with “safely and unable to be accessed by kids (or any other unauthorized user”?

I would argue it is my responsibility to make a reasonable effort to prevent unauthorized access to my guns. It is NOT (in my opinion) my responsibility to prevent or even be responsible for what a criminal might do. I would go a step farther, and argue a locked door is enough.

Remember, criminals don’t obey laws. :grin:


Agreed, I was not including thieves in that group or anyone who attempted to defeat a security device I put in place.


I agree JamesR! I just have an issue with the gun owner being responsible for what a criminal might do. Not what you said of course.

Constitutionally, what law would I violate if I leave a loaded shotgun on my front porch? To get it, a criminal would have to trespass, and steal the gun.

Now, I don’t advise leaving a loaded gun unlocked or unattended. “Safe gun storage laws” are a personal pet peeve of mine. Trying to make us responsible for what criminals “might or could do” is another back door into restricting our 2A rights over enforcing laws that criminals violate.


Agreed :100: brother…

Someone steals my car should I be held accountable for a hit and run committed by the car thief?

Someone steals my money, should I be held responsible for the drugs the robber went out and purchased and their subsequent actions while high?

It’s a ridiculous concept and a form of victim blaming.


Nice! Never thought of that! I will so steal that argument. :grinning: