Actress accidentally killed in her sleep

Yeah, early on for me I found out the first thing someone wants to do is pull the trigger after it is handed to them


From the negligent discharges I have seen, the more familiar the person is with the weapon the more likely it is to eventually happen. I’m talking about guys who have carried the same pistol daily either openly or concealed for years. Everyone seems to have their ND story.


Familiarity can breed complacency.


The .25 I used is a striker fire so the trigger pull is to uncock it. Drop the mag, rack it to clear the active round, CHECK VISUALLY, AND BY FEEL TO ENSURE THAT CHAMBER IS EMPTY (that was the rule I violated). Pull the trigger to release the firing pin.

Was a wake up call early in my carry days that I never forgot. Luckily the only casualty was a porcelain bathroom sink.


I didn’t mean to sound self-righteous, but I guess I did. I certainly can’t claim I’m perfect.


OK so here’s the deal. He didn’t violate one or even two, not even 3 rules of safe firearm handling he violated every rule in the book.

  1. Pull out a loaded firearm in public. (Stupid)
  2. Didn’t seem to know how to unload the fire arm. (Ignorant)
  3. Pointed it at his buddy. (Unsafe)
  4. Pulled the trigger. (Mega Ignorant)
    To me this was a wreck looking for a place to happen.

Only one negligent discharge in my life. I had somebody who had my gun who was loading it and unloading it loading and unloading it. So I took it away. I set it down, my roommate picked it up and started wiping it down with a wrap trying to get the finger prints off of it and I immediately seen what he was doing and I yelled at him “YOU NEED TO CHECK THE CHAMBER, I HAVEN’T CHECKED THE CHAMBER SO YOU NEED TO CHECK IT!!!”

His response.
“It’s unloaded Nick, it doesn’t have a mag in it, I’m not stupid.”

I tell him again.

He comes back at me again.
“It’s unloaded there’s not a mag in it.”

I tell him one more time.

He gets smart with me, says he’s not stupid, turns around and right away

I felt something hit my knee, he’s got a hold of his foot jumping around yelling and screaming in the bathroom, everyone around is chill.

I lifted my pant leg up to see if I was shot, I wasn’t. Apparently he wasn’t shot either. So now the question is where did the round go.

The round went into the fridge, and didn’t make it out of the fridge. Lucky on our part.

I yelled at him afterwards about how much of a ■■■■■■■ dumbass he was, and I told him, ya know if I’m that worried about getting my fingerprints on a gun, I don’t touch that gun. If anything my gun will be used in a defensive shooting and I’ll be the one calling the cops saying I shot somebody, so nobody has to worry.

Idiots man.


AEH7D - Your being self righteous in the least, when we think we are at our best we do something dumbass to remind us we are at our worse. Lucky for me it only cost me a sink, it could’ve been so much worse. At the time I was living in the middle of a 5 Plex with apartments on either side of me including the wall the sink was on. The bullet went through the sink and most of the way through the first layer of sheetrock hitting perfectly on the stud. Even without the stud, after a sink and 2 sheets of sheetrock I don’t think a .25 caliber would have much kinetic energy left to do much damage but luckily didn’t have to find out.


Well said.

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I think the “I was cleaning my gun” thing is usually a lie to cover up what they were actually doing. But I guess every now and then somebody sequences the Glock-style takedown wrong (rack before dropping the mag instead of after) and ends up firing a round when they were only trying to release the seer. Obviously that still requires negligence, since you’d catch that error if you racked the slide 3 times and performed a visual check before dropping the seer.

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We all know the drill, always always triple check. No mag, wreck that slide multiple times, then a visual check. If its not always done, might as well never be done. You are responsible for every bullet. (exception made if you are a big famous Hollywood actor) :neutral_face:

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