Academy fires employees who chased gun thief

Why do I have an Academy card if I can just run out of the store with my new guns and ammo? - @crossthreader

Not the way these former Academy employees expected to spend their holidays.

Tells a lot about the times we live in when an industry giant like Academy waves the white flag.

Yay or nay?


Maybe their governor had lunch with Newsome and made it a crime to stop retail theft?


So, when I saw the title I was ready to be like “yeah, I get it, nothing new, it’s a much bigger liability for them to have employees trying to detain someone, putting hands on, potentially getting shot, etc”

But, then I read it…

“Sutton said that she and two other employees began looking for the suspected thief, but they were not able to locate him.”

““Because we did run out of the building, even though I and the other associate did stay on the sidewalk, it fell under [that] we left the front porch, as they call it,” Sutton explained.”


This makes it sound like you literally can’t follow and observe and report as a good witness unless you are a loss prevention employee or manager in which case

“Loss prevention associates or managers are allowed to detain a suspect who has exited the store by approaching the person at a “non-threatening distance” and asking them to step back into the store.”

you can stand off from afar and be like hey ole chap, would you mind not stealing that and going back inside?


As long as they are using the guns to stop murders, I don’t care. If they are using them for murders they either have to be stopped or die.

Sounds like the only person with a gun in this case was the thief who ran out the door with one. I strongly suspect they were not stealing the gun in order to stop murders.

I see no logical reason to fire the employees in this case. They didn’t put themselves or others at risk by attempting to restrain the thief. Sounds like they were just trying to gather information for the police. If it is store policy to allow criminals to easily get away with taking firearms they can use to commit future crimes then store management and training staff need to do a much better job of training their staff to step aside and let the criminals go. Maybe toss the criminal some boxes of ammo on the way out as well?

These fired employees should have just been forced to watch a video on how to better assist criminals with getting away with their stolen merchandise. Would be nice if folks in the local community boycotted the store until these employees are rehired.


I suspect that Academy weighed the potential liability of employees chasing down and apprehending a thief against the value of a lost pistol and the employees lost. I’m saddened that they lost their jobs, but it sounds like an employer one would not want to work for if that’s how it treats its employees. Good riddance.

Next time folks are in the market for anything Academy sells, they should think twice. There are lots of competitors who would love your business.


We have a lot of Academy by me down here in the South. I go there a lot, but not as often as I used to.

They used to have AR type rifels on display. Then they put them behind where you can’t see them. Now I don’t know if they even have them.

They used to have standard capacity magazines out on display to buy. Now I can’t find anything over 10 rounds when I peruse.

Ammo prices aren’t great either, but nothing in person seems to be


May. I will spend elsewhere.


On the other hand, I have to remember…how many other big stores can I go to for things where the sell any guns, or ammo, at all. My academy does still sell handguns, and last I checked the handguns included standard and even extended capacity magazines from the factory, and they have ammo including defensive/JHP ammo…so I still go there when I want to buy something they have, and I can’t buy it at a gun store (so, like, clothes, shoes, Yeti, and the like)

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And that’s what is great about America, you can support corporate behavior with your dollars.


employee training :arrow_right: reeducation



Perhaps they should weigh/consider the possible loss of life the stolen gun may cause.


You got me on that one. I tried to weasel my way out of making that decision.


Perhaps the thief could be apprehended when he returns to pilfer ammunition.

Just saying.

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