About The 2nd Amendment

Why You Were Lied To About The 2nd Amendment

Constitutional Attorney Explains What “A Well-Regulated Militia” ACTUALLY Means


Amen! Therefore, if the gov’t gets involved at all in the 2A, it should be to supply me with range ammo and to subsidize some of my training expenses. Also, the CMP should be expanded and brought up to date, selling more current military surplus weapons to private citizens. The timing is perfect since the military is upgrading to different rifle cartridges and weapons systems. They’re going to have a lot of surplus rifles that should be in the hands of responsible citizens, not dumped in Afghanistan or sold to Mexican drug cartels.


Israel doesn’t have a 2A but they didn’t hesitate in handing out weapons to their “Militia” after the October attacks.


the swiss give the people a rifle and 200 rounds to train with each year.


What I noticed in the videos is that there was not a mention that the RIGHT TO BARE ARMS was that it is a RIGHT GIVEN TO US BY OUR CREATOR(G-D). And that it is also a LAW OF NATURE AS WELL. Everyone has the RIGHT TO DEFEND THEMSELVES. AND THAT RIGHT IS GIVEN TO US BY OUR CREATOR AND OF LAW OF NATURE. It is also our UNALIENABLE RIGHT AS WELL. And UNALIENABLE RIGHTS THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE AWAY FROM ANYONE. And that is where the U.S. Constitution comes into play. Because it tells the government what it can or cannot do. And the same for WE THE PEOPLE. The government seems to forget this fact. Because they keep saying that the Constitution is out dated and needs to be gotten rid of. Well they are wrong. Our Founders wrote the Constitution in a way that it can by changed if and when it needed to be changed or have things added to if. And there is a process for doing it as well. When Amendments are wanting to be added. it must first pass in both Houses of Congress. Then signed by the President. And then for it to become and AMENDMENT AND LAW IT ALSO HAS TO BE RATIFIED BY 3/4 OF THE STATES AS WELL. And this is something that people seem to either not remember or don’t know. We have 27 AMENDMENTS now that have made it through this process. But what most people DON’T KNOW IS THAT THERE ARE SOME 10,500 AMENDMENTS THAT HAVE BEEN WRITTEN BUT HAVE NOT BEEN RATIFIED TO BECOME LAW. And the reason being is because not all of the states that are needed to be ratified want them. So they just sit there until their issue is wanted by the correct number of states to ratify it into law.


The information that I posted on the 2nd Amendment was given to help clarify legally why
we have the Constitution and what it tells us. We must protect her and defend her at all costs.
When a person joins the military, we take an OATH, to do just that. We Promise under OATH, just
like our politicians, but that has GONE downhill and continues to this day. If we did that in the military
we would be charged and held responsible; Legally.

I am not an Attorney, and it is very hard to understand their legal language.


This video needs to be sent to the Biden and company anti gun group to make them UNDERSTAND WHAT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES and what taking an OATH TO UPHOLD THE CONSTITUTION means!

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Ukraine did the same thing when the Russians came over their border.