A Warning and Reminder to All-Drug Use

It was announced this hour on FNC that he man who supplied the gun for the shooter in Dayton has just been indicted.

He was not indicted on straw purchase charges though he was indicted for lying on his 4473 which he filled out to make that purchase.

How did he lie? He is a user of pot and was at the time.

Now, with the expansion of state’s legalizing and decriminalizing pot people more than ever need to be aware that even in states where it is legal under state law pot remains illegal under federal law.

It is a Federal Crime to purchase or possess firearms if you use any illegal drug including Marijuana, and a Federal Crime to lie about it on the 4473.

For those of you who may use it keep that in mind and also keep in mind that if you are ever involved in a shooting you will be drug tested and it’s an additional state crime in every state to be under the influence, including the influence of pot, to carry a firearm licensed or otherwise.

You also open yourselves up to serious civil liability to go along with the criminal liability and could both lose everything you have and potentially end up being found guilty of murder/manslaughter even if everything else you did was perfectly lawful solely because of that drug use.

You could easily be indicted for a “good shoot” and have the jury find you guilty because the prosecutor successfully makes the argument that since you were UTI you could not exercise sound judgement and thus you are guilty in spite of all of the other facts associated with the case.

With the anti gun sentiment rising it is a sure bet that we will see more and more civil suits and see more and more prosecutors looking for any reason at all to indict so please, consider this in making your personal choices.


Not something I ever think about. For several very good reasons, none of which have anything to do with firearms, I don’t drink or use any impairing substances. Just a personal choice not meant to criticize or condemn anyone who partakes in a responsible manner. For me, at least, it eliminates one complicating factor in the possible event of being forced to use my weapon, which already has, like, a bazilliondy-jillion complications.I



In just about every class I’ve ever attended or taught as a student/instructor this comes up even if it’s not part of the curriculum, this case just came along at an opportune time to use as a reminder.


Let me take a wild guess, you have never done pot or anything else?

?!?!?!?!?! Reply?

@Jeffrey, might be a question some folks don’t want to answer on a public forum that could potentially dredged up later, when it matters, in court :wink:

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I really don’t care, no offense.

None of your business and not relevant to the discussion.


Drugs take away the pain! You don’t know anything about that!!!

You couldn’t be more wrong if you tried Jeffrey. The reason I can’t sleep for more than two hours at a time or more than 6 hours a day is due to serious spinal and joint pain from numerous injuries sustained over the years.

I simply had to make a choice as to whether I would spend the rest of my life on opioids or live with the pain. I live with the pain instead.

If you’re talking about emotional pain, all the drugs are going to do is mask it temporarily and create even more pain and problems for your future.


Not sure if you’re asking me but, no, I’ve never done pot or anything else. And I went to high school in the early 70’s, so that’s saying something. Pot was everywhere. So was acid and hash and mescaline and God knows what else. Saw a lot of my friends doing all that stuff and it didn’t look like fun to me. Did some drinking in my freshman year of college but got bored with it pretty quickly. Since then, I don’t drink alcoholic beverages.

Drugs don’t take away the pain, man; they just change it into another kind of pain. Life is pain. Anyone who says differently is selling something.



There are more opportunities out there today than at any time in our history Jeffery.

Get yourself straight, develop a positive attitude and start banging on doors. It may not be easy but there’s always a way back to success if you stay straight and work at it.


Embrace the pain. It’ll make you stronger and put you one step ahead of those who haven’t

If life is already hell, what have you got to lose?


Again Jefferey, you have no idea what you’re talking about.

I lost everything I had 3 times and always managed to claw my way back on top.


Keep your chin up, @Jeffrey! I know you’re going through some tough times, but they do get better!


Never an illegal substance. I have been around pot but not by choice. When I smell it or patchulli my head swims from the odor. No desire to use that or CBD based remedies. I have used pain meds for my back issues but since the VA has the federal requirements to follow I don’t use them much any more. They have a no refill unless you see your primary care at 28 days. Not convenient for care or relief. I imbibe occasionally and never while carrying or driving.


And ONCE AGAIN the “rest of the story” (IF you get caught performing some type of “illegal” action and you are proven to be under the influence of a drug) has not been told to the law abiding citizenry of the United States of America. I believe that is just another way for the liberal agenda seekers to take away from law abiding people.

Most folks miss the basics of this conversation.

First when you fill out a 4473 it is a FEDERAL form and as such FEDERAL laws apply. So Pot and such are prohibited. It’s like being a DOT driver or Military, you are FEDERAL I don’t care if you are stationed in or drive your rig in CO only. The state can say anything they want is legal but when the UDS (Urinalysis)/Blood Draw comes back it follows FEDERAL guidelines, 40-CFR is the industry standard. Three out of the 7 standard tests are for illicit drugs, the rest are prescription, that you had better have a CURRENT prescription for.



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I regret that posting was ever posted here. I must of been on 3 days without sleep and I do not take mind altering drugs either. If I may say this, that I read articles from some fine people and there are some articles that you probably need to bull doze like this one that made. It will never make sense.

Drugs are going through our country at a very fast pass and the out come is a every lasting damage to the human body or the last of this is a very harsh DEATH. Wasted, painful, lonely, lost. total failure, and more before it ends.

Fear of the unknown and the body’s response is to give up and die.

If you get caught using narcotics or selling it to others and get in trouble with the police, you can be held reliable for those things I mention above. You will face felony charges, a judge, court, for all the crimes committed, and prison for a long time; after you DE-TOX. If you use the drugs Heroin or Cocaine, the last of that struggle, is a very harsh DEATH.

I have lost several good friends to drug abuse and family members. There is hope and treatments to get cleaned up and support to make it last. There are people that do care for you very much.

You think you can survive jail time and or the abuse or DEATH ???

Forgive me for that messed up article I scribbled down on AUGUST 21 .

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