A Look Back: History of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day | USCCA

On Sept. 17, 1787, 41 delegates to the Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia and ratified the U.S. Constitution. Included among these men were George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and other prominent Founding Fathers. Today is the 233rd anniversary of the historic event. Pennsylvania Rep. Thomas M. Foglietta explained why this document is important. “It is responsible for protecting the rights that every U.S. citizen enjoys,” he stated. “It is looked to by nations around the world as a blueprint for the formation of a democratic society.”

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HAPPY CONSTITUTION DAY and CITIZENSHIP DAY everyone! :+1: :boom: :dizzy:
Bruce and Nancy.


Great article. Happy Constitution and Citizenship Day!!


@ArmedMak Welcome to the community, we are glad to have you here. Stay safe, Bruce and Nancy. :+1:

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Welcome to the community, train hard and stay safe. :smiley:

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This was a great article and very important. This county’s enemies would like nothing better than to make us forget or not care.


Excellent article. History is always enjoyable… and you learn a lot.

Unfortunately, far too many people today do not know what or when Constitution Day is, they do not know or understand what Memorial Day is or was (other than a day off and to cook out and party).

Far too many can not name the Three Branches of Government (and some are elected to office) or the Five Rights contained in the First Amendment.

We should have far more discussion leading up to Constitution Day, make it as well known as July 4th Independence Day.

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