A good use of a firearm - This is how it can work

The police called it self defense so I doubt there will be any chargers, except, IF it was self defense why no charges against the attacker? The word is, he pulled his firearm and held it next to his leg until police showed up. Didn’t point it at anyone.


Good thing they didn’t charge the one with the weapon with BRANDISHING!

Not in Utah.

Utah Code Section 76-10-506

(3) This section does not apply to an individual who, reasonably believing the action to be necessary in compliance with Section 76-2-402, with purpose to prevent another’s use of unlawful force:
(a) threatens the use of a dangerous weapon; or
(b) draws or exhibits a dangerous weapon.
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that is good to know,thanks

To be pedantic, the article doesn’t say there were no charges, it said there were no arrests…not necessarily the same thing. Also charges and/or arrest can come after the fact it doesn’t necessarily have to be right then and there at the scene.

Would be interesting to get the full story, and follow up down the line, to see if any of that is, well, anything.

These kinds of things tend to disappear and you can never find anything other than the initial article though because it’s not interesting enough

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That’s journalism today sadly. I read alot of interesting articles about events and rarely if ever get any kind of followup. Gets irritating to say the least :roll_eyes: