Classic No No - Don't fire at cars that are retreating

Doesn’t look like he got in trouble for using his gun to break up the fight, only for shooting at the fleeing vehicle. Let that be a lesson, go ahead, break up the fight BUT STOP There. Once there there is no crime being committed put you firearm away.


Yes, we carry to stop the threat. If the threat is retreating the threat is over and you are good. Only at an Imminent threat of bodily harm or fear of death can you use deadly force!
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Cops get paid to break up fights. If and only if the person on the ground is no longer able to be in the fight would I step in.

In the current environment there is to much that could be at stake for “Doing the right thing”.

And using a gun is only for stopping serious injury or death. But you better know the circumstances going into it.