A. G. RUSSELL Is Alive And Well

If the name is unfamiliar, he’s been in the knife business for decades. When I first became a certifiable knife-nut, he’d bought the Morseth brand in '71, and continued to make them in finished knives and diy kits. He still offers a few models - such as the “Nesmuk” and “Michigan Hunter”, along with his other designs, and a stunning array of others - don’t miss 'em! His emphasis has always been on quality, PERIOD. FYI


Any high res. knife pics?

love my Sog

No got pics - you’ll have to shop his website. He also operates - or did - as a knife broker for several makers, and owners who just didn’t like the knives they had ordered to be made. He’s one maker of several I e-mailed on Barry Wood’s swing-lock folder.