One Last Gasp For the Wood Folder

I’ve e-mailed at least 7 makers to spark interest in resurrecting Barry Wood’s “swing-lock” folder from the 1960s - even referring them to Parker’s “Hillbilly” design with interchangeable dropped-point and skinner blades. So far, Case, Kershaw, and Victorinox have been the most receptive - no springs, lockbar, or safety-stops needed, and with modern materials and knife-steels - who knows? FYI

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More than a billion knives are made now a days so I ask you ; why?

My answer here is CHOICE - there are more than a few of us that would like to see someone offer this unique design in a modern format. You can own an authentic Wood - but you’ll have to pay “tourist” prices for a collectible - up to $600 for a plain-jane Mark I. I’ve never been complacent, to just wait and see what some knifemaker or gunmaker offers every year - I don’t fish, but you have to wonder sometimes if new tackle is designed to catch fish, or more fisherMEN - look at all the gadgets we can talk ourselves and each other into, that serve no particular purpose. FYI

So this would be something that you would like to own? Or just see it made again.

BOTH - modern materials combined with ergonomic designs. With just the knife-steels that’ve been adopted by makers, I want something positive done with it - the production versions by Pacific and Parker were clunky, although Parker’s “Hillbilly” was innovative.