A different case of negligence

Our Sheriff, God bless her, is a strong supporter of the 2A and used to have a short essay she wrote handed out to the students in every CCW class about the importance of carrying so you’ll have your handgun when you need it.

Today I took some poinsettias out to the cemetery for Christmas and wore a pair of trousers with pockets that don’t fit my pocket holster very well, so I left my trusty Centennial at home this time. It was early morning and rather frigid, so I figure that the transients encamped out there would still be holed up keeping warm, and of course, they were but last year one of my sisters was almost forced off the road out there by a perp who tried to block her car for some nefarious reason.
Remembering this, it occurred to me that our Sheriff would say I was negligent for leaving my .38 at home this morning.

It won’t happen again.


I applaud your self-correction; it may happen again without your ability to control the environment. That said.

Do you have anything in your arsenal that will assist you other than the firearm that could perhaps disable, or distract an attacker, or buy you time to escape?


Given what you just posted it think she would forgive you.


I, also think that what you just posted about a lesson being learned is valuable.

I carry my firearm everywhere even in my home when I get up from one room to to go to another room. As I am aware of how quickly a dynamic entry into my home could be.

There are times, when I am distracted by TV and dinner where I start to move to another room, that I will start to move and then realize I left my firearm. I will then double back to pick it up and then resume going to another room. That happens enough times that I made the decision to wear my CC belt at all times except when showering, and sleeping.

Now obviously, there are times when I cannot wear my CC due to Federal Prohibitions.

All of this to preface, that besides my firearm, I carry x number of knives, a high lumen flashlight, and other deterrents that are legal for me to possess wherever I may be.


Sounds like you know what you’d like for Christmas.
There’s a few types of holsters out there that can be worn no matter what. I use a belly band at times, like when wearing gym shorts, and find my Sticky holster very comfortable and surprisingly secure, using it IWB as I’m not a fan of pocket carry.


I think a pair of the discrete 5.11s might be in order.