A Civil Society

As I watch the day to day goings on, here in my town and across the country I have to ask.

Do We Live In A Civil Society?

Consider this:
Yesterday an guy that had been convicted of killing someone and was sentenced to prison, did 20 years, got out and in very short order pulled a home invasion, with a gun, putting a pillow over a woman’s head and telling her he was going to shoot her through the pillow so nobody could here her die.

A few days a go the leader of the Senate foroze up, couldn’t talk, didn’t know which way his office was. Today we find out he intends to serve out the rest of his term.

The USA Women’s Soccer team, on the world stage, did not show any respect at all for the National Flag of the National Anthem.

Women are testifying in front of congress about being forced to dress with men in the name of transgender rights.

Homeless camps are virtually everywhere.

Shop lifting is no longer prosecuted.

We send billions of dollars to off shore wars and claim we are doing it so we don’t have to be involved.

Cartels are allowed to cross our open borders, importing drugs and kids for sex and the federal government takes the states to court for trying to stop them.


We are if we recognize our faults and failures and do what we can to fix them.


If we don’t live in a civil society, no civil society exists on this planet…and maybe never has.

Just my opinion.

Pick your metric and compare to anytime and anywhere and we will compare very favorably.

Well…other than % of the population that is incarcerated that may not compare well…but a lot of big civs that we often look to (like Rome) probably put a hell of a lot of people to death for doing nothing at all wrong instead of putting them in prison so

Now, is that civil society progressing or regressing? More interesting, that is


Agree wholeheartedly with this.


Some thoughts from, Academy of Ideas - YouTube


We have so many people incarcerated mainly because we don 't execute them (no matter how badly they deserve it) or use other forms of punishment so terrifying that it actually does prevent a certain amount of crime. There are countries where a second drug offence is a capital crime, and some where being sentenced to a “work camp” is a death sentence. And others where incarceration doesn’t last that long because of the horrific conditions of torture, filth, and starvation. It skews the numbers because, after the prisoner dies, they’re no longer counted as incarcerated but also didn’t receive a death penalty.

Always remember: Figures don’t lie, but liars can figure.


I’m comparing our incarceration rate to other civil societies that have no capital punishment at all, though.

And the vast majority of those in prison have not committed a capital crime.

I blame silly overreaching drug and gun laws for a lot of it.

Figures don’t lie…the US incarcerates more than the other countries, even though the other countries have no death penalty or use it even less than we do

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No matter what type of society we choose, or consent or not to consent to live in. It needs to be protected via sovereignty! They gave up our sovereignty, something I did not consent to!

I think we have to conclude that our once civilized society has crashed. Now we’re forced to adapt and overcome, because we failed to protect our own sovereignty! I was never opposed to immigration but I vehemently oppose illegal invasions!
Now “sanctuary” cities have the balls to complain! Bulls#/t! Not listening! When you’re that deep into the hole, you’re supposed to stop digging!

In the interest of sanctuary cities, I recommend we start sending as many shovels to the blue states as we can. One way or the other they are going to need them! Either dig their way out or dig their own graves!


Not sure if I remember the argument against this comparison of the US incarceration rate to other countries is a false equivalence. First being the population size and the amount of immigration allowed into those other countries. Second is the nature of their rights and laws compared to ours. Third is the form of government. The US is a very unique country in our approach to being governed. Though there are similar none truly match our system.

Our prison system came about by the puritans seeking a humane way to handle criminals and attempt to reform them into honest citizens. Mostly they only succeeded in driving ppl insane because of their lack of knowledge of the human psyche requiring human interaction with other people.

When I was in the Army we went to Honduras. We were stationed on one of their military bases. While out doing maintenance on a downed helicopter we noticed their brig. It was a 20x20 cinder block building with two iron grate doors and two iron grated windows. The building was packed their soldiers who had done something wrong. While we were working, one of the guards pulled one guy out and started beating him with a rubber hose about 3’ long. When he was finished he put the guy back in the building.

My point is even our inmates have it better than almost anywhere else in the world.


The only things that have bipartisan support are:

  1. It’s OK to print money to finance government social programs and military adventurism to show the world how tough America is. So what if it devalues the currency?
  2. Politicians can and should remain in office well past the retirement ages they mandate for the rest of society. A politician at age 81 is a superhuman just hitting his/her prime.
  3. Elderly, unelected, unaccountable judges, who, as a practical matter, cannot be recalled should be allowed to make laws that everyone else should obey. Such judges can be relied on to preserve the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and its amendments without engaging partisan politics.
    4, America can arrest its way to greatness. Arrest and imprisonment solves any social problem.
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WE THE PEOPLE are NOT Perfect.
The USA is NOT Perfect.
This current administration is a totally corrupt and ILLEGAL mess!
The .gov is BLOATED and out of control.
Weaponized and blind faith following a muslim fanatic bent on destroying America.
The fact that these ‘alphabets’ can’t or won’t see what they are being ordered to do
AGAINST us citizens means (to me) they are in the same boat with their .gov. No excuses.
No Pardons, and No Escape when the S finally HTF! Enjoy your FATE!
Bumbling, Babbling Pudding pants is NOT there anymore. Nanshee, McConnel and other
geriatric mental patients are too old to govern. Too rich to care about us and fully corrupted. The time for ‘ENOUGH’ of this crap is here, been here and the numbers of citizens fed up is finally getting large enough to make a difference. If you people in Blue states that voted in the current miscreants, keeping criminals out on the streets, destroying our culture, history, and Blatant RACISM against White People can’t see the hole you dug for yourself you NEVER will. YOU WILL DIE IN YOUR CESSPOOL SANCTUARY CITIES! and I will not shed ONE TEAR for any of them!.
There will be hard times ahead. There is work to be done (rebuilding, replacing and removal of the trash). just how deep will that be is how much people can stomach and accept the TRUTH!. Back in the 1700’s there was a fight for our FREEDOM. Honorable men stood up and said E-Phuckin’-Nuff!
WE THE PEOPLE are @ that Crossroads once again. It doesn’t matter how we got here. We are here and we are going to have to dig deep to right our ship. TOGETHER!
This Wonderful country is WORTH the FIGHT. There is Nowhere else on EARTH like this. The Military isn’t all BAD, All 'Alphabets aren’t BAD, There may be even a good politician or two out there (I haven’t seen one maybe someone can enlighten me as to who that might be but as far as I am concerned we should just WIPE DC Clean and start over. Less .gov, Less .gov intrusion. WTP don’t need all these worthless Senators, congress people, Woke and dope bleeding heart POS’s, America HATING politicians.
You want more money as a people? WORK FOR IT! The gravy train must end. Some people on ‘assistance’ make more than me (and I am still working), These people are UNGRATEFUL. Full of ENTITLEMENT and firmly clamped to the .gov’s nipple for far too long!
You do a Crime? You do the ‘appropriate’ time. You Murder someone, you die. You rape someone
(OFF with their HEAD!), You kill a Child, You are sentenced and Executed IMMEDIATELY right where they are caught! maybe a town square in the neighborhood. People can bring blankets and eat pop corn! I’d rather have ‘Smoothie’ vendors on every corner for these events than ‘bangers" any day!.
Crim’s need to be shown the Iron FIST of Justice. You rampage, Yoot-full marauding, you will be thrown in the big House for the appropriate time. All this cash sent to Politicians slush funds and foreign leaders for another pedo island needs to be recouped and Prison’s built. SUPER MAxx’s! Not dinky jails. YOU ARE IN JAIL! Not a phuckin’ country club where you learn to do crime better. 23.5 hours in a solitary cell. Cement bunks with paper thin mattresses. You destroy or burn said mattress you won’t get another. You throw feces at a guard you should be stripped naked and clean up your mess with a tooth brush (YOUR TOOTH BRUSH!) You will experience PAIN, SUFFERING and HARDSHIP! and maybe, just maybe learn a lesson. The days of the free ride and the do whatever the hell I want are over.
WE are a Civil Society right up to the point where we need to ‘re-educate’ a criminal. I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s you phuck up you paid a price. If you didn’t mess up, worked hard, you made something of yourself and were rewarded for those efforts. We need to find the SOUL of America once again. We are real close for this situation to be unrecoverable. We are a joke in a world of jokers. Most governments are a joke today and they are ALL paying the price now.
“What’s our price going to be?” HOW MANY INNOCENTS are going to have to die before we say ENOUGH?


Rates take population into account, that’s why we look at the rate and not the raw numbers.

I agree that the way the USA is, contributes to why the USA incarcerates such a high % of its citizens.

I’ll wager money that inmates in US prisons do not have it better than inmates (or non-inmates since most wouldn’t be in prison in other countries) in other civil society countries. I mean, we just loudly and publicly accept and enjoy the, uh, assumed sexual assaults that we as a populace seem to want to happen to those incarcerated in the US.

Top 10 Countries with the most people in prison

  1. United States — 2,068,800
  2. China — 1,690,000
  3. Brazil — 811,707
  4. India — 478,600
  5. Russia — 471,490
  6. Thailand — 309,282
  7. Turkey — 291,198
  8. Indonesia — 266,259
  9. Mexico — 220,866
  10. Iran — 189,000

Top 10 Countries with the highest rate of incarceration

  1. United States — 629
  2. Rwanda — 580
  3. Turkmenistan — 576
  4. El Salvador — 564
  5. Cuba — 510
  6. Palau — 478
  7. British Virgin Islands (U.K. territory) — 477
  8. Thailand — 445
  9. Panama — 423
  10. Saint Kitts and Nevis — 423

Of course not! You need arrest, imprisonment and deportation to clear the grounds, before the work to build greatness even begins.


There are lies, damn lies, and then there is statistics. America calls it a work camp, China calls it a day in the office. Rate of incarceration in the US means nothing, until you do deep dive by social groups.

That is why I always say comparing 2 countries is nonsensical, even if you take really similar ones, like Canada and the US, or Germany and Austria.

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Okay what is the rate 629 per 100k?

If you apply that to countries with lower populations they actually have a higher percentage of their population in jail.

One must ask, Why are all of those people locked up. Are they murderers or are they Pot Smokers. Are they committing Robberies or are they Organized crimes?
Many of the things we lock people up for are acceptable in other countries.



Rate accounts for population. Rate means that as a % of the population, the US literally incarcerates a higher % of its population than any other country in the world.

The US literally leads world in both most total incarcerated and highest % of population incarcerated.

That is not a good thing to lead.

The US puts more people in prison by total number and by % of any nation in the world.


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I read just this morning, Singapore executed a woman for drug trafficking. Is this a bad legal system to serve as base for comparison with ours?

Moreover, why should we legalize the vice of drugs, and not, for example, pedophilia? There are communities that support both causes, there are countries where you can sell heroin next to croissant, and ones where you can marry a 5 year old. How would you argue fairness of legalizing one crime - but not the other - before the Supreme Court?

Personally, I dont know one crime on the books that I would strike down and release convicts. There are some things that I would like to see declared crimes (mostly around medical industry and pharma), but this is just me.


Does it mean we have a cruel legal system, or does it mean we have a lot of criminals?

Who would you propose to release from jail 1st?