A Blast from the Past

Check out this blog article from 2004:

We’ve come a long way since this first issue of Concealed Carry Magazine

How far have you come since you got into firearms? What skills and knowledge do you have now that you didn’t have then?


Not even comparable. Started out with zero experience with firearms joined the navy and first time ever handling firearms was a qual shoot. Fast forward to today and I’ve taken a few classes and will be taking many more. I was originally focused on gaining proficiency and confidence now I’m looking to being pushed out of my comfort zone and really seeing what the firearm and myself can be capable of. I’m more worried about being stagnant than failing at a new skill


Considering I just bought my first gun on Black Friday 2018 and spent hours and hours learning about how to shoot from books, YouTube videos, etc, and did dry fire practice every day before even loading a magazine sometime in January or February. The first time I actually shot was for my concealed carry test. Since then, I’m still learning with a backlog of books, most from USCCA, and also learning a lot from this forum. My wife and I both go to the range once a week and really enjoy it. So…my trip in the world of guns has been fast and furious from Black Friday until now!

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Well done to you and your family. I wish that there were more of you. You are needed.

William Smith


I wanted to give my buddy Walt a shout out, for getting me into firearms! My expexperience has soared since joining the USCCA! LOVE this Association. Keep up the great work!!! Since you have my back, I will always have yours! Thank you very much.

That’s awesome, @Jeffrey! Please invite Walt to the Community! The more like-minded individuals, the better! :slight_smile:

I understand how it feels about the USCCA. I have trained with the information and studies, just about

the time I think there is no more, WOW! One step by step and I enjoy the growth.

ppreciate all