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Did you train or buy a gun first?

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Trained first to get my CC in Florida.

I bought my gun first. But I also looked for and took classes on firearm safety a few months later as well. I’ve taken firearm classes for handgun, rifles, and for my CCW. And I read books on it as well. Always learning more all of the time.

Training came first. My father was a cop and 50-60 years ago was a different time. He left his 38 on his nightstand. He also taught the Scouts at a local range. We shot handguns and shotguns and learned to respect them. I’ve taught dogs too and learned to respect them also!

Hmmm let’s see. I bought my first firearm when I was 14 years old. Did I train before that? If you call shooting with my brother and another kid “training” then yes! By the way, that was 54 years ago!

thoughts about using a chest carry rig under a button up shirts for conealment

I have to wonder if the questioner regarding “slang” didn’t perhaps intend “jargon”. No time like early to know the difference between a clip and a magazine…