9mm or 22lr for everyday carry?

My EDC is a Sig 365 with it I can reasonably hit a target at 10-15 feet. My new Sig 322 I can reasonably hit a target at 25-30 feet and at a much faster rate. I am thinking to use my 322 as my EDC till I get better with the 365. My thinking is that a hit with a 22 is better then a miss with a 9mm. Yesterday I got some help with a instructor, more practice and help to follow,


Carrying and what to carry is a personal choice. As to hitting or missing, obviously a hit is far better for many reasons than missing the intended target. One needs to be comfortable using the tool and be accurate with it.

Statistically, more are shot, and thereby die, from .22LR than any other round. That does not necessarily make it a better round, though. Look at the threads on this forum regarding 9 vs .45ACP. The question posed that pre-empts the efficacy of the various rounds is when the firearm is pointed at the perp is he/she (they/them?) going to ask the caliber before deciding on what to do? The choice of being shot or not is far more relevant, and usually the deciding factor.


It is the best motor oil all over again!

Shoot what you’re accurate with. .22 is less dependable than a centerfire cartridge.


I’d do more dry fire and work at improving (no matter what) and stick with 9mm

.22lr lacks the ballistics to reliably stop an imminent threat


Agree with what’s been posted with regards to carrying what you are comfortable with.

If you do decide to carry the 22 even temporarily, this might help with ammunition choice.



Try 9mm Norma NXD 65 grain fluted rounds. Much lower recoil.

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Multiple rapid hits with a .22 can be effective provided one can follow the target as it’s moving. I wouldn’t carry. 22 but if I couldn’t handle the recoil and it was my only option it’s better than throwing rocks. Rocks are hard to conceal.


Pros and cons to a .22.
When we discuss the lack of stopping power of a .22 in class I ask for volunteers to hold the target in front of them while I shoot it with a .22–NO takers. Nobody wants to get shot, period.
That said–a .22 is better than nothing, but I have seen WAY too many failures with .22s to ever want to choose one for carry. If that’s the only gun you own, or you can’t hit a target at 15 feet with a centerfire, then a .22 might be the choice.
To your point about hitting a target at 25-30 feet–EVERYONE will most likely be able to put more hits/faster on target at that range with a .22.
Heres my question–how good are you with the 9mm at 10 feet? If you follow the Tueller mantra, you’ll know a target can cross 21 feet in a second and a half–the time it takes to draw and acquire the target. Given that—the attacker would have to have been 40-50 feet away for the .22 to make a difference–if the attacker started out any closer and closes on you, you can expect the distance to be much closer, and then the 9mm will make more sense if you’re accurate at that range. The way I’m looking at it–the attacker would have to remain 25-30 feet away for the .22 to matter, and from what I have read and seen, most civilians are engaged at much closer distances. I would struggle to find a 25 foot straight shot in my house–most are 10-15 feet.
At the end of the day–it’s as much about confidence as anything. If you’re not confident with the 9mm, carry the .22.
Let me know if that makes sense.


Best answer I have seen. I practice from 0 to 7 yards. I frequently carry a 38 LCR loaded with low recoil 148 grain wadcutters. My other main carry is a Hellcat loaded with Norma NXD which are also low recoil. My pocket/BUG is a Keltec P32 again lower recoil than a 380. Control is more important than power.
The LCR is a get off me gun. It wont go out of battery. I am old and slow so an encounter is more likely to be very close an personal.
My wife uses 22lr and the only round I will trust in her guns is the Minimag 40 grain.


If going with .22lr, opt for CCI Stingers or Velociters IF they’re reliable in your pistol. Rumor has it the Sig p322 isn’t Stinger friendly.

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Stingers have been shown to be one of the worst choices. Many semi autos can not handle Velocitors reliably. I keep Velocitors in in my 22lr revolvers. Federal Punch is getting a reputation but not reliable in some guns.
Check out luckygunner.com test results.


Well, one must confirm they’ll work before committing to carrying them. Stingers and Velocitors work great in my Walther PPK/S; my Sig p322 doesn’t like Stingers.

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IIRC one of the things with stingers is that they are lighter faster and penetrate less, on a cartridge already known to not reliably penetrate far enough. If I had to recommend a .22lr round to someone it would be the CCI Mini Mag 40gr solid.

I have a bit of shooting and witnessing experience with .22lr’s and Mini Mags are undoubtedly, IMO, the single most reliable .22lr round


I have good experiences with Federal ammo and CCI high velocity ammo in my 22 guns, Tomorrow time to practice with my 9mm at 15 feet.


I carry my .38 S&W Airweight.


As long as you carry Fred, and as long as you are content. For me, it was a journey. I eventually found a 9mm “arm” which for me was accurate, compared to other 9mm models.

I also found the same for some calibers smaller than 9mm. But when I carry 9, I carry the one model I found which was accurate and within my humble budget. Semi auto of course, for me.

For the .22, as an EDC, I tried a few models, but landed on a Ruger and a Beretta, semi-auto.

To me, different models prefer its own brand ammo, even down to the grain and JHP vs FMJ. When it came to .22, I actually had less jams, and more accuracy with CCI Stingers, 32 grain, copper plated. There’s something about the polished casing that is smoother and cleaner. Then again, it may depend on the make and model of the “arm”.

What’s important is what is your preferred caliber. As there are several. So, “you” feel best about it.

I’m less accurate with revolvers and DA, so they are not my # 1 go to. The experimenting was the fun part. Good luck Fred.


Um, I guess it depends, do I want him to stop sooner or later?

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CCI Stinger and Velocitor can be had factory direct $9.99 for 50.


Iron sights or red dot? My wife went from a 380 to 9mm with red dot and now shoots even better.


Oops. Didn’t mean to repeat or reply or to you. :smiling_face: