92 Elite LTT Red Dot Optic Centurion

I have been going through some firearms conundrum as of late. Since I got my revolver, I started to miss my double-action/single-action pistols. Well, since my b-day is coming up, "51, my wife decided to get me an RDO 92 Elite LTT Centurion from Langdon Tactical. I love my 2011 and 1911: the reset and the single action on my 92 rivals my Nighthawk Custom counselor. Range tomorrow!

92 Elite LTT with RDO Slide92T-RDO-TJN-RMR92 Elite LTT Gun:
Centurion, 92 RDO Customizations: RDO + NP3 + Trigger Job + OP Trigger Bar, 92 RDO Plate Options: RMR + BUISVolker Precision 92 Flat Faced TriggerColor: BlackBeretta 92 Spurless Hammer - Black
Cut & Crown Barrel


Awesome looking pistol brother @Buddha-In-The-Sun :+1: :+1: