%80 receivers & builds

Was talking to a old friend from high school still trapped in California. He tried to tell me %80 lowers have to be serialized? A quick internet search turned up zero to confirm his claim. What say you USCCA about this?

It depends on the state you live in. Some states do require a serial number to be added once you’re done.

Interesting illegal requirement. Government has become too big for its britches.

80%’s are legal in NV, at least in NW NV. Poly 80 is in Dayton, NV and has their ATF ruling on their website stating that that their products are not considered a firearm.

I think it would be a fun project for me and my sons.

Same here, I enjoy building my rifles

I highly doubt you’ll get a position statement on this from USCCA or anyone. I will assume that the new president will go after these and try to shut them down as soon as he is able.
Think about how egregious this weapon would look to a gun grabber–an AR pistol with a 30 round mag and a suppressor built on a 80% lower. Probably more dangerous than COVID. LOL


Put a mask (shroud?) on it, and muzzle it (suppressor?), it will then be safe. :innocent:


Found the answer on the ATF site. %80 receivers don’t need a serial # on the until the builder starts cutting the trigger portion of the receiver.

California does have a law that requires serial numbers on firearms built from 80% lowers. Federally, it does not ever need a serial number unless you are in the business of manufacturing firearms as a business, then you would also need a license. I have provided in another thread information on ATF rules on personal builds and serial numbers, etc., here.

Not part of this discussion, but comes up frequently when discussing our RKBA. Felons are “allowed” under federal law to possess antique black powder weapons or their replicas as they do not meet the definition of a firearm. They must be cartridge-less and muzzle-loading - further ATF detail in a pdf here.

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Your friend is both right and wrong. The state is working hard to try and ban 80% lowers along with anything they deem AR/Ak related.

California’s AB 857 legislation dictates that:

  • All finished firearms possessed by individuals in the state must have a serial number engraved.
  • Any weapons made prior to July 1, 2018 require a serial number to be engraved on the weapon, though the serial number nor the weapon itself needs to be reported to the California Department of Justice.
  • Any 80% lower finished after July 1, 2018 needs to have a unique serial number engraved on the weapon which is assigned to it by the California Department of Justice through an application process.
  • If you finished an 80% lower before July 1, 2018, there is no reasonable way for the California DOJ to prove that you built your 80% lower after the deadline. Take that with a grain of salt and let the implication sink in.
  • You can still buy an 80% lower without any paperwork, but you can’t legally fabricate it into a firearm until you have a serial number approved and assigned by the state.

So what does this mean…basically that if you purchased an 80% lower prior to that law and built it, you don’t need a serial number. 80% lowers purchased after require one. Getting a serial number means you have to go through a background check and have the state assign one to you. Here’s the catch…how will they know what was purchased prior to the law being implemented? There’s no way to verify which was purchased unless they get the purchase records from you or the company that sold it to you.


California is just a Communist State. I know there are many good law abiding people there but their government liberals are way out of control.


Great info!

Just remember the cardinal rule…I am neither a lawyer nor do I give legal advice. Always seek out legal information yourself and make all determinations yourself when it comes to your freedom.

This is my way of saying…don’t take my word for it…always look yourself. :slight_smile:

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Well, ATFE has not officially listed a “RULE”, But they have started there shanigan’s again. The went into the factory in Henderson, Nevada and seized all there records according to the news. Attorney’s are hopefully filing violatons against the siezures on the 80% assemblies. Even though some parts may or may not officially or unofficially covered. Thought ATFE is pretty good at ignoring Federal Law. They even ignored AG Barrs cease and desist order. I also have read that multiple filings are being made in state Congress’s and Senate’s to outlaw or protect who knows what gun laws. January 20th, 2021 is going to prove to be a very dangerous battle for all. I didn’t like what i have seen on ATFE letters sent to manufacturers to stop selling guns with SBA2 Braces. Put USCCA on speed dial. Stay calm, and only talk when you lawyers says you can talk.


And I thought my neighbor was crazy when he built a cannon.

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The problem with California, is too many gun owners figured Federal Law would trump state laws and be invlidated. But someone has to challenge it in court by filing. It takes time and money. Anyone prosecuted whether innocent or guilty of any new legislation, is then considered a precedent and we have seen how bad things can turn out for people who fight the law. I used to donate all my spare change to the NRA-ILA, and still bad laws would be added to the books. When I went to move to Nevada, I asked the NRA on how to move my gun collection with me without breaking the law. The NRA told me to contact local LEO for my jurisdiction. I did, they stated I had to register the guns in every county i had to travel through as well as with Nevada before I moved there. I sold everything at lost a lot of rare pistols and revolvers. The NRA did nothing except take my money. Very disappointing and sad. I was born in California and paid a lot of taxes that did their best to make me a criminal. There should have been some way to fight it, but without money. I stayed in the fight as long as I had a job.


That is crazy, I would probably have just put my safe in my truck and drove. Isn’t your vehicle an extension of your home?

it would depend on if and why you are pulled over. If you were pulled over for expired plates, no proof of insurance, expired or suspended license, than your car will be towed and searched at impound or after you are removed from vehicle. Since many officers are given the option of discretion. Be nice, not combative, hopefully it will be reciprocated.

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Why the hell would anybody move to a state like that?! Come down to Texas. Lots of good jobs here. Pay better too most likely.

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