7 Things You Probably Didn't Learn in Your Concealed Carry Class, but Need to Know!

Check out my latest “Training Tips” blog entitled 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Learn in Your Concealed Carry Course, but Need to Know!"

It includes information from the Crime Prevention Research Center, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, a Defensive Shooting Drill you NEED to try, an article from Greg Ellifritz with Active Response Training on how to spot a bad guy. An awesome throwback video of Col. Jeff Cooper, a very informative video from John Lovell with Warrior Poet Society and Andrew Branca about concealed carry insurance from USCCA, and Armed Citizens’ Legal Defense Network , as well as, the importance of Basic Life Savings Skills, Hand to Hand Training and Emergency Preparedness.

Click on the link below and enjoy!

The beauty of being a USCCA member is that your USCCA membership has solutions for all 7 of these needs in the Protector Academy and Concealed Carry Magazine including

Defensive Shooting Qualifications and Monthly Shooting Drills

Situational Awareness & Mental Preparation Courses, Videos and Force on Force Scenarios in their Proving Grounds Series

Over 20 Hours of Legal Information about “When to Use Deadly Force” and “Ask an Attorney” series.

A first class Emergency First Aid Fundamentals Course

An excellent Emergency Preparedness Fundamentals Course

and a good steady diet of Hand To Hand information in the Concealed Carry Magazine.