Beginner Series: 3 Tips for Getting Started in Concealed Carry

Getting started in the world of firearms can be a little like riding on a roller coaster. It’s a bit overwhelming, and it may even make you feel a bit lightheaded and queasy. There are also some surprises, some excitement and a variety of ups and downs. In fact, getting involved in the world of concealed carry may be like getting strapped in for a fun ride, not knowing you’re about to experience 3Gs.

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This is a good article for folks considering obtaining their CC or LTC.

  1. Take the USCCA’s Concealed Carry & Home Defense course. The bar in this course is much higher than your minimum required state course/class for obtaining your license. Your instructor will CARE about your personal success with regards to training. You won’t be just a number in his/her class.

  2. After your CC&HD class you’ll be educated on the legal portion of CC but also you’ll have a good introduction to which firearm and gear/equipment may be best for YOUR specific needs and comfort level. You won’t be saying, “Dang, I wish I had known that prior to buying this firearm which doesn’t fit my hand or needs”.

  3. Find like minded experienced mentors that can help guide you through training questions, equipment issues, and other firearms needs, Here in this forum is a great start, and of course your instructor will be a great resource as a mentor or finding a local mentor.

  4. Get the USCCA insurance and start working your way through the Protector Academy. The biggest thing you’ll learn is how much you didn’t know before!