5th circuit only so far

This will continue until the Supreme Court simply and unequivically rules that the government cannot ban possession of a firearm at any time, at any place, for any reason whatsoever except for specifically easily understood reasons such as incarceration.

Until that happens, we’ll continue to play these mindless wackamole games in court.

No “Reasonableness” standard. No “Time place manner” standard. Only Government may not infringe on a citizen’s right to own, carry, display, etc etc etc a gun.


I saw an interesting quote somewhere that I have yet to use. It’s going to raise some eyebrows, and rain down some serious spit in commentary when I do.

It goes like this… When confronted with the statement “You don’t need an AR-15,” reply with “Rosa Parks didn’t need to sit in the front of the bus either.”

Once the hyperventilating is over, maybe a few people will actually get that it’s about rights, and not needs, wants, or desires.


It’s important to note that this injunction against enforcement only applies to the plaintiffs in this case. This includes FPC members (Firearms Policy Coalition). So if you’re not a member or other named plaintiff you are not protected from felony charges if the ATF decides you are violating whatever their current definition of an illegal firearm happens to be. Which of course is subject to change without warning at any moment.

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