.500 s&w magnum explodes in his hands

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Whomever let that one get out of the factory door should be job hunting.


Wow, as if that gun wasn’t intimidating enough to shoot already…now I have the vision of one failing like that…I’ll just stay on my side of the range next time I see one of those bad boys come out.


I agree with both of you guys!

I mean…it was intimidating enough! Now it’s in pieces! I’m just glad his hands and face are okay!

Whoever is quality control (qc) at that facility might be looking for a job today!


With a black mark on his/her record.

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Ummmmmm…I think I’ll just stick with my 9mm.

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Was that with factory or reloaded ammo? Either way that’s some scary stuff‼️

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Good heavens! I hope you’re okay! Are we sure this wasn’t a squib malfunction followed by a second shot?

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Daaaang… what exactly happened there? I see parts flying but does anyone know what failed? @James? @Craig6? @wildrose?

Looking at where it failed I’m thinking it was just a QC issue with the barrel steel itself or the machining of same.

It looks to have sheared off right at the meeting of the barrel body and frame.

If it was squib and a follow up he’s damned lucky to have walked away without serious injury or death.

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I was going to agree with @WildRose that the barrel sheared of forward of the frame.

There was no massive fireball at the cylinder gap which would indicate an over pressure round or a stuck in the barrel boolet. To be fair the fireball at the front is to be expected and in one frame you can even see two small jets of flame coming out at ~ 5:00 & 7:00 that don not indicate back pressure.

That said at 0:16 you can see the barrel stub (the part that screws into the frame) still intact and the crane being blown out and cylinder going someplace sideways. So either the barrel/frame threads were under machined or the steel holding the barrel let go. I’d bet on the second option due to the barrel stub being intact.

Cudo’s to the guy on the gun he rode it all the way through with all piddies attached.



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