5 Things that could DISRUPT the 24 Election...(hypothetically of Course)


Appreciate this. Try not to SPIKE. I was already off the charts!
Gave me a new outlook, just laugh in their faces!
Thing is when they implement 4 out of the 5, we ain’t gonna be laughing!


Thank you Leo
and I agree w/ you Scott ('We ain’t gonna be laughing!)
I’m NOT Laughing now.
We waited too long
I’m trying not to say ‘Wake UP!’ anymore
If you aren’t awake by now you never will be
Anybody who say’s this election will be different is conning themselves (or a fool)
as usual my stock disclaimer is (‘My opinion only’)
My city Albuquerque, is Mexico NORTH now. The Over doses are ‘Spiking’ now.
Fentanyl and Meth are a huge problem, we get it straight from the mules that traffic it
and it must be uncut because the bodies are dropping right on the street, not in some
vacant to be found weeks later, just drop dead right on the street. Ambulances are now the NEXT big thing in business out here.
Schools for EMT’s, Morgue Attendants, Crime Scene Clean-up are the NEW start up’s here.
And folks business is booming.
It use to be nail salon’s, Car washes, and fast food. Where I work there are no fast food places, ZIP.
Who would put up with this crap, I wouldn’t. Mighty Walmart and Walgreens Tucked tail… Now THAT is saying something!
Downtown is now a War Zone without the bullets and shelling. there aren’t any ‘pock marks’ in the walls
and windows (yet) but the smells and foreboding are already there.
How anybody stays in business amazes me. Armed Guards Stand post @ Jewelry stores and Gold Merchants now. If I wasn’t a Guard myself that would concern me probably, ‘Why do you need a Guard?’
I hear it all the time at my (4) Building apartment complex ‘Why is he suited up for WAR?’ Hmmmmm
did ja look outside lately??? The burger King (it was pretty good), The Speedway Gas station was pretty clean, the grocery are all gone. The people I protect many don’t have wheels, they walk. You don’t EVER hear them say stoopid S*** like that. THEY KNOW. It sucks.
Store fronts stand empty, boarded up and Graffitied. The ‘Walking Dead’ are rising North
Their Ooze is permeating the entire city. Trash is now Prevalent on the road medians, parks where
addicted unhoused stand and beg and sleep. every single alleyway has been touched. It isn’t feces on the sidewalks yet bad but there is a ‘Darkness’…a Gloom now hanging over the city that saddens me. Is this irreversible—no, of course not but .gov doesn’t care. this town isn’t circling the drain it’s in the traps and filters already and it’s very sad. My house is (20) miles away from this and it is light years away from all this quiet destruction. My neighborhood is by no means perfect but we had (1) Homicide in the last (2) years and it was a ‘Migrant’ dispute over drugs. ONE. How long will it stay peaceful? What time is it?
If it doesn’t affect you it is easily dismissible (–my take anyway). It’s not clichéd if it’s true, People who can afford 24 hour security, drive around in a chauffeured Limo and Never shop in a Grocery, get gas or have to deal with the filthy huddled masses they supposedly serve (yeah right) and haven’t a care about rising costs, Illegal Migration or Danger Close every time we leave our houses (and now even worse some fearing that No-Knock from Tyrannical Alphabets) Really should not be in the offices of power they were
gifted not elected. They were ‘selected’ because of their GREED and lack of moral fiber. I give you riches and you vote this way. No back talk, No ‘But that’s Illegal’ and they say OK. Take the (30) pieces of Silver and STFU…OK.
Black Lives Matter Plaza in ‘Delusional Central’ should just be the crowning achievement in their distain for AMERICA. For our FREEDOMS, Defund the Police should have been the line in the sand NO One should have been allowed to cross. A couple of you guy’s who I deeply respect have almost given up
and I ‘Get that’. I’m close at times myself.
I have different takes on what may happen than some of you but I feel we will come out of this better than when the SHTF but there is going to be a fight. Leo, this guy makes sense but he is self-handcuffed from telling what he really feels and that’s OK too. He broaches the line of TRUTH and then FEAR stops him w/ disclaimers and BS. I won’t listen to him. If you are going to say something ‘SAY IT!’ if you are making a stand ‘MAKE IT!’. If not then please be quiet. My boss knows my history, Knows my heart and knows that if I am posted somewhere and some ‘Skell’ pokes the Bear he will get a PROPORTINATE RESPONSE and he is OK w/ that. We have some guards that are pansies, some are Vet’s and some are just S*** Stoopid guy’s who are Brawlers looking for their next Bar fight. We get an average of (40) kids applying every week, We are a really small company (I like that!) We KNOW who the S*** stirrers are and they let go of the bad one’s instead of waiting for a Tragedy to happen like some of the Bigger companies.
My point in all this drivel is I do my job. Observe and Ready to respond to trouble. If there is zero trouble then I did my job and all is well in our clients world. When the SHTF I will respond appropriately
not just TALK about it. What is the enemy gonna do HANG ME? They would if they could get close enough. I’ll take myself out if it comes to that just to not give the Bastd’s the satisfaction.
I have always been good in Battle. It is what it is, My take is either you are good or you are in the wrong profession. Maybe be a cook or something instead. Please don’t try and be a WARRIOR if you aren’t in your heart. The talk lately is all these 'New Gunner’s purchasing weapons because they ‘feel’ something is going to happen and they want to protect their own can only be good for the country. Whether they STAND UP that’s to be seen but no one REALLY knows what they will do until that first round goes screaming past your head. I almost s
* myself personally. Scared me real good. And THAT is how it should be but you need to get over that and FIGHT after that or you should be decorating cup cakes or Bundt Cakes.
My question is how much are we willing to take?
What’s going to be YOUR line in the sand that they can NEVER cross?
I’m (63) Just a Public School guy, no college. I’ve been a gunner for over (40) of those years.
I know my LINE IN THE SAND and the enemy is casting a shadow over it RIGHT NOW!

Stay Safe.
No step on MY snake




Have you watched ‘Bright’ w/Joel Edgerton or ‘Elysium’ w/Matt Damon?


I pawned all my Will Smith and di nero movies :money_mouth_face:


Notice I said w/Joel Edgerton. :rofl:


No Sir I haven’t yet? Good? WAR? What?
(Joel Edgerton; zero dark 30 right?)

I shot Dinero, but I didn’t shoot the deputy! :rofl:

Dee No No: ‘You talkin’ to me?’ No, Nobody’s talkin’ to you…
It was hard Blasting HEAT because Kilmer was Great! He made Tombstone Awesome.