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Some of the more dangerous improvised items in regular use by violent protestors are commercial fireworks — particularly Roman Candles and various exploding mortars. These devices have been fired at police stations and police officers and have been used to ignite various fires in attempts to burn buildings down. One incident involved multiple mortar rounds fired at a county prosecutor’s home. As I recall, it was a wood-frame home that could have been burned to the ground. And it got me thinking: Is there an additional way for civilians to disperse a violent group without having to resort to deadly force?

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Scott–are you saying that someone trying to burn down your house with you in it is not an incidence where you can use lethal force?

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Since I found out about its existence, I have wanted Spike’s Tactical’s Havoc 37mm launcher for my AR. Unfortunately, I have not been able to justify it, because my AR is my Home Defense weapon, not a Fun Gun (although it is pretty fun too). I could find zero practical use for a launcher on my Home Defense gun.

Now, this article has shown me a way that it might be feasible, but I did read with some concern that the article wants you to only use the launcher when your rifle is unloaded.

My questions: A) Why does the rifle need to be unloaded to use the launcher?

and B) Is that all launchers or just this particular one?

And remember kids: don’t shoot the pyrotechnic rounds at someone inside your house.

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Yes, it is, and lethal force is justified, unless it is a mob that has the approval of the local political leaders and the DA.


So this is to say that if the local Government endorses the protesters that are attacking your home and you stand to defend it the court case for your constitutional rights are on you the protector?


Yes, unfortunately, as we have seen recently, yes, you become the criminal in the eyes of the Leftist politicians and prosecutors.

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Welcome to the community, stay safe and train hard. :smiley: