Rioting vs Less than lethal options

In Wisconsin rioters have gone into residential neighborhoods and were destroying property. My question is what can you use to protect propery from rioters theat is less than lethal? Example, paintballs, airsoft. Can we use pepper balls?


I would not want to. Non-lethals have a too-high probability of failure for my liking, and throw in a mob mentality, and I suspect that gets higher, and from what I’ve seen, the use of a non-lethal weapon usually results in a banzai charge from anyone not incapacitated.

Also, many people in these riots are starting to wear protective equipment, so pepper balls and OC spray, etc are probably less effective than usual.


Have you considered an alligator-filled moat?


Would drones spraying cat urine work? Now to get my cats to pee in a separate container…


I’m a fan of the oil filled ditch to set on fire


…actually, my cats seem to prefer separating their liquids from solids. The problem is getting the “effective components” separated from the litter clay to concentrate it!


@CHRIS4 My precise dilemma.


reminds me of an old black & white horror? a film about invading legions of army ants on a plantation in South America or Africa… way back in my youth years; maybe even 50’s era


This, and keeping the drone fleet in your control and not ‘spoils of war’ for the rioteers!


@Chris4 Cat urine soaked drone…nope they can keep it.


“Give away my 'combat systems?” are you nutz? Hell, I’m taking my toys and going home! If they break down my door, they’ll rue the day they met my Mary. (Mary is the name of my rifle.)


@CHRIS4 actually it’s from the King Arthur reboot with Clive Owen & Keira Knightly. No doubt the idea was stolen from some black & white films.

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Here are my thoughts on the scenario you provide…

Are the rioters on my property destroying my mailbox at the end of the year and my car in the drive? If so, stay in the house and call the police.

Are the rioters attacking (throwing brinks, moletov’s) at my home where my family and I are residing? If so then they are now a deadly threat to my life and the lives of my family in the home and I would meet them with deadly force.

As @LordDeinonychus mentioned I don’t see less than lethal being an option against a “mob” for the average civilian because the average civilian would not have the less than lethal platforms to take on an entire mob (leave that to the police and the Military).

A threat of two of more intending to harm would be viewed (in many States, check yours) as a deadly threat (depending on sized differences etc), and so again I would resort to that (after I’ve attempted to evade of course).


A big dog. Feed him raw meat, make him watch Cujo, and name him Beelzebub.

Seriously, a big dog, and a strong fence. Beyond that, I would stick to firearms. If they are actively threatening you, and they have weapons, meeting force with force becomes the only option. If they don’t have weapons, the dog and fence will do.


LOVE this page, everybody talking things over and the
Cats, just hit this with a big wet ball of cat pee bomb. Never forget it, and you can smell the mess a mile a way.

Well said, thank you for the laugh and great time.


There are issues.

One being that self defense is not justified for property, or I should say, lethal force is not justified or very rarely justified for property.
Yet, we have a right to our property and the destruction of it is denial of our rights, and our founders did believe in defense of property… but different times.

Today, if they are attacking your property, call 911. Report it, and if you can without being obvious, record it for evidence.
If they move beyond simply attacking and damaging property, such as setting your house on fire, your life is in danger… shoot to end the threat.

Paintballs and airsoft, might have you entangled in legal difficulties and some of the terrorists in the mob might simply use that as an excuse to increase the violence and try to blame you as the instigator.


That’s very State dependent…but something we should definitely be aware of as it applies to the particular states we live in.

Although you could also look at it from a philosophical perspective as well and that could be an individual’s line in the sand that until life is in jeopardy then they personally would not use lethal force. In the movie the Revenant isn’t that what the owner told Tim? “Tim! Life, not property…” and then they beat feet for the back door. (how’s that for a reference @Dawn? :slight_smile: )


One thing I just thought of: a PHASR. They are not civilian-legal now, but if ACB brings a more Constitutional view of the Constitution to the courts, we may see that sort of thing change.

So, if we can ever get our hands on a PHASR rifle, we may be able to bring non-lethal pain compliance (basically sunburns) to bear without being seen to do so. Unsure why they are suddenly falling to the ground in pain, the other rioters may flee rather than charge. Of course, if they see you, I’d expect a charge, so it would be counter-productive.

Agreed … they’re already amped up, ya don’t need anything to incite an escalation.