$300 on Range Membership or New Firearm? Pros/Cons?

I would buy the gun I wanted. Where I am it’s about $20 to $30 a trip to the range, unlimited time unless it’s really busy, then a 1 hour limit. Not to mention annual memberships range from $150 - $200 and that get you unlimited visits and up to 2 guests per lane, and a small discount on ammo and targets.

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I’m going with “invest” as the right word there. you have a firearm that is sufficient, now become as proficient with it as possible. Those skills are transferable when you get your next firearm. Get a good trainer and get some lessons in as well… if you are practicing bad habits or training ineffectively you are just going to cement those bad habits or at the minimum waste your practice time. Get a good coach, tune up your knowledge and skill set, and then practice your butt off. :smiley:

Then there’s time for new guns.


USCCA is one of the only “clubs/groups” I’ve joined. Even after all of these years, I’ve not joined a shooting range/club. I like to be able to go anywhere I want when I want and a membership ties me to one place. It also let’s me opt for indoor/outdoor when I want.

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Has anyone heard of or belong to this range? I went once with a friend. The fees seem fair.

$300 new gun or range? I would say range.



Always, always, always spend the $$$ on more training if faced with this type of choice.

“Beware of the man who only has one gun. He probably knows how to use it!” ~ Clint Smith


If money is tight can you afford, or do you have, enough ammo to get to the range regularly? The membership won’t do you any good without enough ammo to utilize it. If you are going to be stuck dry firing at home either way (which should be the majority of your training anyways) then I would lean towards a having a reliable gun that fits you well.

More firearms is a luxury, but ammo/training is a necessity to maintain any level of proficiency.

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In my town, the only place that has ammo for sale is at the range.
So I’ll vote for range membership.
…improve my skills and learn to love the one I’m with
No truer words spoken, IMHO.

'sides… one can always bring their children’s pellet pistol/rifle to the range. At least there you don’t have to block and chase lead rounds/pellets in the house or back yard. Add the socials and just the focus of getting out and practicing at a regular time and place will do wonders. :slight_smile:

Go for it. Do what ever it takes. Take out a loan, put it on a credit card. I’m on borrowed time so that’s my answer. ( PS I hear we might get another stimulus check ). Spend it now. Good luck :us::us::us:

Haven’t looked into this club but most clubs have a probationary period. Not a show stopper but it may include meetings and or work time. You got to have a place to light em up. Good luck. :us::us:

Whatever will get you to train more. My 2 cents: buy the minimum necessary kit to do the training necessary for your goals. Acquire skills, not things.