2020 Shootout Between Chicago Police And Suspect

See description of what happened in the video. Officers made a critical mistake and didn’t search the suspect thoroughly.


So many mistakes have been done by Police, not only at this video.
I’ve got so much respect for them, but unfortunately not every LEO is a person gifted to do this job.
Lack of training? Yes, for sure. But also lack of awareness. Especially when they deal with criminals all the time.
@Alexander8 pointed the biggest mistake, but when you watch the video closely, you will find more mistakes… mistakes that we, as civilians, are taught to avoid. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
First of all - this video shows how messy shooting is. It’s hard to calculate how many rounds were shot without any harm to the suspect… but there was a lot… even more than I was expected. It was not a range time, not class time, not even force-on-force experience… it was just uncontrolled gunfight. :scream:
Second - LEOs put themselves in cross fire. :grimacing:
Third - always secure your handgun before doing other actions (meaning holster it up if not used anymore). The lady in purple blouse put her handgun on the floor. I know she was going to apply first aid… but this is not an excuse.

Good lesson for us. I hope LEOs also took a lesson and would not do the same mistake again.


Sooo, did this guy really think he would get away? Shoot a cop inside of the yard, where there are 50 cops with guns?

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He definitely wasn’t a “Frank Abagnale” type of criminal.

They do not think that way. Their thought is that they will hurt as many officers as they can. They know that police legally must try to arrest them not kill them. It’s a badge of honor that they fought the police and hurt/killed x number of officers. Law-abiding citizens cannot understand the mindset of criminals. Neither is there any value to that, as it is pointless.

I have had many conversations with a relative that is now a retired LEO regarding the criminal mind. Most are lowlifes, low IQ, uneducated, and ignorant. Many are drug users, which also alters the brain. Then there are the crazy ones. Most don’t think about more than the “now”, tomorrow does not exist, except as a concept. Violent criminals are less than animals because animals have a function in nature and/or our lives.


Follow up.
I tried to find details and also was wondering how the story ended up and I found this information:

  • assailant had a handgun hidden against his crotch
  • he was able to move his hands with cuffs to the front and retrieve the handgun
  • there was over 50 rounds shot
  • one LEO was shot in the neck and chin penetrating his esophagus, second one was hit in the vest, the third one got shot in the hip.
  • assailant was charged with six felony counts of attempted murder, one felony count of aggravated possession of a stolen motor vehicle, two felony counts of drug possession, one felony count of illegal possession of a weapon by a felon, one felony count of being an armed habitual criminal, and two misdemeanor counts of resisting arrest.
  • last month he was sentenced to 31 years in prison after pleading guilty. On April 19 he hanged himself in the prison.

If anyone is interested to analyze bodycams, these are available here:

These are the great source of knowledge about good and bad habits during shootout.