Fatal Funnel Failure: If you have barricades and Cover - Use it

** Viewer Discretion **

This video of Houston Police Officers being shot by a suspect is difficult to watch.

However, it proves very useful. Never, ever step into an entry-way or a door-way and give your silhouette away to your attacker.

Being in a doorway, visible and outside of cover in the “fatal funnel” is deadly. When you train on the range, take barricade shooting seriously.

Stay safe out there.


S.H.I.T. :worried:
There are even more lessons. As always, I can see how little training LEOs have. :frowning_face:
They just don’t know what to do once shooting starts.
But this is how the System works.

Actually there were 2 LEO showing themselves at doorway - and both were hit.
Another LEO made tactical reload dropping mag on the ground… and ejecting good round :thinking: - all differently as trained.
And why the hell they were shooting while their colleague was still lying down in the line of fire?

Yeah… that is hard to watch, but brings a lot of thoughts about the stress, proper training and correct thinking.


I noticed that as well. A whole lot of “spray and pray” going on there.

That just goes to show that under stress, we can and will do things that don’t make a great deal of sense when compared to what we have done on the range or during dry fire exercises. One of the things that I believe in is a very healthy dose of magazine work. Meaning, magazine exchanges, magazine dumps, using inert training (snap caps) rounds in magazines on the range. And doing these same exercises over and over and over again.

You would be amazed at how much constructive work can be accomplished in your self defense training with just 50 rounds of ammunition. Or, just how much can be learned and “baked in” to your memory at home by safely using inert rounds practicing holster draws, magazine dumps, emergency action drills for failures, etc.

Most Police Officers that I know and worked with weren’t “gun people”. Meaning, they spent time in the gym, time on professional development and very little time on the range unless they were “forced to”. Not to disparage them at all, that’s just the truth.

I also know plenty of non LEO gun owners who buy a firearm and never do anything other than “separate bullets from brass” at the range.

As far as what we saw in the video in the doorway (man that was painful to watch!), remember to “get off the X!” and use lateral movement to cover and don’t allow yourself to be silhouetted perfectly for your assailant to put rounds into you.

Stay safe out there and do (1) one thing each day to improve your skills.