10mm purchase failure

An update about the EAA Witness Steel Full Size 10mm, purchased it online 9/16 and little did I know that I was joining a circus, ended up they never even had them in stock but it took until Oct 2 to notify me via email, by giving me a refund, I made several calls, lost count on the voicemail transfers and finally a rep named Ramone said it hadn’t even been ordered and now they can’t get one.

Looking at the Rock Island Tac II 1911 10mm, felt really good, single stack 8+1. Launching the research now.

I was offered to complain to…the online seller head dude, my opinion, so I took it, called several times only to find out “he never comes into the office” lol Supposed to hear today but nothing. Sorry for the novel :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Peace


Information is good to talk about. You take pride and
Your choice is great. The 10mm is a great firearm.

Thank you.


Sorry about your problems with them. I hate when people get treated poorly by a company.


Agree 100 percent with @William_H


UGH! I had a similar situation happen with ammo recently. They sold the ammo but never really had it in stock to sell it. They were expecting an order to come in and it was delayed (not surprising at all in today’s age).


Did you fall for the trap with Primary Arms too?


Right now for sure is a crazy time for all of us. Trying to get what we all have normally been getting as our normal but now cannot do to all this crazy. It truly sucks. And then as with you and others people trying to sell things before they even have them hoping that they come in. Really good pick but the way 10mm awesome firearm


It’s I am very careful online these days that items are in stock. I prefer business’s that allow seaching for “in stock” but even then (cough cabellas) they often lie🙄


The idea of ‘do not count your chickens until they hatch’.

Should never sell something you do not have… UNLESS you declare it is on backorder.


Omg so funny & I can relate, called them abt the illusive Kel-Tec P32, dude says yes we have 2 if them. I was shocked to find 1 finally.
Then the dude went on to say, yes that’s the one that comes with 2 or 3 16 round mags… My heart dropped lol he was describing the P17 22 caliber. Plus he spoke like he was a surfer and weed smoker, dude this dude that, “I’m stoked it’s in stock” and “totally…” Whatta phone call & I have to LoL now.


I enjoy the 10 mm and it seems to me to be better than similar ammo, but it is the choice of firearm you made, well done.

That ammo will show up when needed, then you save it in storage and practice when you can. It is not about me, it is you and thank you.