Going fast buying new

I’ve been saving up to buy an AR/AK type of weapon and because of the pandemic things are moving fast. While looking at websites, saw Classic Firearms had PTR-91s in stock. I quickly placed my order and am now waiting for them to pack and send it. I’ve just been amazed at how fast things are moving. The next day I checked back and all of them are gone. Luckily I was able to get 500 rounds of 308 Winchester from Gun Broker. Funny thing is, I bought the ammo a day after I bought the PTR and the ammo has arrived already. My neighbor said come on over and sight it in when it comes. Lol, he wants to shot it too.


I helped a guy when he was looking for a Styer AUG. I only asked to shoot it when he comes back from overseas. That gun is on my bucket list along with a Galil.


Always liked nutnfancy reviews, last one i saw on this firearm was in 18 or 17 so awhile ago. Don’t keep up on 308s. Good looking, congrats on finding a weapon & ammo. Hard to do thrse days


You got that right. I can’t wait to put some rounds through it. Especially with all the riots happening. I’m in the country but close to town. Still never know when idiots will show up at your house.


Yeah, I got some relatives like that too. Lol


The EDC I purchased was out of stock. I clicked “Notify Me When In Stock.” Got the notification a few days later. I said to myself, “I’ll order it in about an hour.” An hour later if felt like someone snatched the rug from under my feet. Out of stock…again. I selected the notify button again. I had been watching my emails like a hawk. Five days go by and nothing. I waiting on the edge of my seat ready to pounce upon receipt. In my mind I know it’s coming. Day six and it’s Saturday. Nothing all day. At 9pm on a SATURDAY, I make a run to the store. The notification was sent at 9:03pm. Guess what…I left my phone at home. Upon returning home I check my phone at 9:20pm. “Hot damn”, it’s in stock. Click the button to start the process. ”Out of Stock”…again! Within 17 minutes it/they were gone. Luckily another shipment arrived two day later. I made the purchase within 60 seconds of the third notification. Upon completion I checked again and that make and model were out of stock. Firearms are moving at what seems to be light speed.