You refused the vacs... soooo...

UN Sprays Chemtrails In Spain! – Government Admits To Bio Warfare To “Combat” Covid! [VIDEO]​

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The link doesn’t work for me. I keep getting an error message when I click on link.

404 response considers this a long term rumor

hmmm… doesn’t work now for me either… guess they pulled the report???

Sorry will look n see if there is anywhere else…

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hmmm went right to it with this??? Please try and advise…

sorry I don’t trust the so called FACT checker any longer… to much BS issued by too many of them!!!

So looked but… I do NOT trust such organizations any longer… always look close at WHO they are!!!

as in staff etc…

again… too many have blown too much fake smoke!!!

sayin that… I do look around for more info when possible…

also noticed that other boards where I placed this info did NOT have any problem with link posted???


I’ve done some serious looking from many sources and when it comes to all types of C-19 information I’ve found The Epoch Times to be very accurate in their reporting. Some of the most interesting information is behind their premium wall, but you can still do a search for a lot of information that is not “pay-per-view”

For example:


ya seen those as well… also I have prime and apparently you get EpochTV free with prime??? Not real sure but I have it and have been watching it.

Also there is something worth the watch in the movies section about how the Bible affected the creation of our Government… very interesting IMHO…

Also P. S. you do NOT have to believe in God or Jesus to get a lot of wisdom from Proverbs…


More damning information:


Yup, epoch times and Joshua Phillips are the best news outfits imo.
All I know is I have seen a lot more 40 and 50 something’s in the local obituaries the past year and a half or so,which coincides with that vax.
Seems everyone I know who got vaxxed and boosted got covid as well, one guy 3 times.
My wife, a few other friends, my son and myself…no vax, no covid. “Follow the science” bleat the sheep, while scientists are aware theirs is a field of experimentation. Add a panicked government into the beaker along with big pharma/big business, and you get a witches brew.