You Need to Know

“The Police Don’t want You to Know This…!”


But you should know all this info already.
Either your “Firearm Insurance Provider” or Criminal Lawyer should tell you exactly same thing.

I actually heard all those from the Instructor during one of free “self defence tactics” classes organized by USCCA


oh yeah, it is.

But I’m glad you posted this video. A lot of CC carriers have no clue about those “tricks”.

One thing I learned and value the most - even you are a good person, you do everything according to the Law, you are 100% sure you do everything right and by the book… never ever tell the responding officers more than: “I’m willing to cooperate but at this moment I’d like to talk to my lawyer”.
You have a right to say nothing more and you should use this right.

I like the idea of getting hospitalized, it gives you 72 hr to rethink and put everything together in your mind.
What happens next is up to you and your lawyer. You are not alone with the problem anymore.


In addition, if I’m right, anything you say in the hospital without LEO present is confidential under doctor patient privilege!
Reduced blood pressure and adrenaline flow!


I Thank you William_H.
I knew this stuff already, but it is great to hear another caring for the Newcomer.
BRAVO Brother! I bet you dollar’s to Cop donuts you save some people here New
and Vet a ton of grief. We NEED to be beaten over the head with FACT’S and Procedure’s
(some we never even think about) Muscle memory of the Legal kind.
I’ve said a few times here similar stuff about Training, Training, Training (maybe once or twice :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ) But it’s after the fact of a shoot, that’s when things can go sideways.
I have an affliction of ‘Tali-Skinny-Muj’ that creates an Anxiety-Panic attack syndrome and I WILL be going to the hospital as soon as the fed’s arrive. I was told this (even though I making a joke about it here) That I am to seek medical care if I am put under duress one more time. Hidden dangers/possible negative effects and all that. I Trained up one of my Surgeon’s and his family in SD, so my ‘after care’ continues for free. So yes Sir, for me that will be the course I will take.
Thank you again Brother
You ROCK the House.

adonde nosotros vamos uno nosotros ir todo!!!
Nessun passo sul serpente


Great video and I agree with @Don102. I have a great heart. The only red flag I saw the moderator said he was talking about the heart not the emotional heart. I only have one heart. If my heart is telling me to go to the hospital, I will. If my heart is telling me call my lawyer and have the opportunity, I will. I first listen to my heart and let my mind tell me what to do. :heart_hands: :thinking:
If this is off topic and someone wants to let me know please post in Free Speech Zone


The lawyers that dealt with these situations will tell you there’s no difference if you call the ambulance, you’re going to have an officer with you every moment.

But I say getting documented any injuries would be helpful.

My knees swell, so it can be hard/painful to run, if I can get that documented at a hospital after my incident, it’ll help my case.


no difference comparing to what? Not calling ambulance?

We shouldn’t care about officer being all the time with us, even in ambulance. As long as you don’t talk to the officer it change nothing. Being hospitalized we have extra 72 hr without being questioned about the incident. And being Illinois resident I definitely prefer to be in hospital than in a cell. No matter if I was a victim or not… arrest is a must.


If an Officer is assigned to me after the shoot, watching me all the time
I hope he/she has ear-pods because if he/she doesn’t ,all they will hear in the
noises the Bus and Emergency room machines make.
I am going to be tending to me and making sure my Sister KNOWS I am OK.
That’s it. Make sure she is protected and My Guns are safe, They will already have my duty weapon
they aren’t getting the rest of them.
Lawyer is called way before the bus arrives, I am confident He is the right one for me
and I am getting my head and Body back in alignment for the upcoming ‘Festivities’
I heard the Cops have (48=60) hours to get their head together and their stories straight
w/ their Rep/lawyer before 'Q’uestioning. I will do the same.
Besides, If my body DOES freak out (or my mind) I want to be in the place for immediate care!
I’d rather not have an ‘episode’ of any kind and THEN they have to call for help and I wait for transpo.
Screw that! If my PTSD goes nuts, I want immediate care and med’s. I take no medication at all now for it
but if I see Brains spread all over a wall (and I did it) who knows what I might tell myself, My body etc.
I AM not a young warrior anymore, Some of my get up and go has got up and went.
I’ve experienced Adrenaline dumps many times, this next time could be very different. I’m taking no chances.