Xd-s mod.2® osp™ handguns

Springfield XD-S MOD.2 OSP

Yes or No

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Is there a reason you are looking at the XDs instead of the Hellcat? If you live in an area like Cook County that restricts the number of rounds you can carry, then yes (but think about bigger rounds).

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No reason, just the look of it and thought maybe someone has an idea how does it perform, compared to Smith Wesson MP Shield Performance Center.

Never had a Springfield, I’m a Beretta guy for a very long time.

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I doubt anything runs as smooth as a Beretta. That said Springfield makes a very nice weapon.

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I have a 1st gen XDs and it has been a reliable accurate gun for many years, so no worries about it holding up. That said there Shield is a great gun as well. I know we say this a lot, but it would be a good idea to go to a range and rent both of them and do some shooting. You can’t go wrong choosing either, but one will feel better to you and that is the one to pick.

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The title of this thread is

Xd-s mod.2 osp handgun

But the Xd-s mod.2 is a pistol, not a handgun.

For the record. :crazy_face:

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Ford or Chevy? Boxer or briefs? New England clam chowder or Manhattan?

Are you getting the hint? Firearms come down to personal preference because ONLY you know how it fits in your hand and what YOU’RE comfortable with.

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Hey @Justin47 thanks, that was extremely helpful. Based on your advice I will be buying one. :wink:

Ok I’m confused. isn’t any revolver, derringer & semi auto a handgun?

@David-65 a pistol is defined as a single chamber lining up to a barrel. A handgun (also known as revolvers) are multiple Chambers lining up to one single barrel.

I was mostly saying that as a joke. Just trying to be silly. But technically pistol and handgun have two different definitions as I explained in my last entry

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A[quote=“Justin47, post:11, topic:44532”]
pistol and handgun have two different

Hmmm always thought the definition of a handgun was a weapon that can be used with one hand

You’re right. it is in between pistol and revolver not handgun, that was my bad. for some reason I thought that handgun was defined as a revolver but I looked it up. I screwed up. Ur right.

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It’s okay. The ATF is much worse with definitions. :joy::joy:.

:grin: to clarify… All pistols are handguns, but not all handguns are pistols, some are revolvers, some are hand-rifles/single shots. Just like all striker fired are pistols but not all pistols are striker fired! :smirk::grin::yum: LoL…can I confuse things or what?