Would you off-body carry?

Do you have anything with a clip or other attachment that you can wear backwards — i.e. OWB holster that you can wear inside, or IWB you can hang on the outside? Most of my more favored kydex are ambi/symmetrical — but you would have already figured that out. Leather, I suppose?

Get well soon!


Thanks. I’m still trying to figure it out.

My holster choices for my current EDC are slim. I’ll have to work on it with the contents of the holster drawer and the safe!


I would carry that way when I’m out in the desert far away from housings or dwellings but there is always a iwb and one owb in a drop down hoster loaded with snake shot for the rattler snake they don’t know when to leave. Then the iwb for those two legged vermin. Now in town I were a Tommygunpack that has my 1st aid rig as well as my 1911 45acp and three magazines, this is what works for me. Remember Stay Alert and don’t get hurt


Wearing IWB/OWB on one’s belt, I guess we could say the same thing about pants. :astonished:


That’s an interesting observation. :thinking: Fanny packs usually seem to get lumped with purses, briefcases, etc.

But I’ve never seen the argument that a belt holster only counts if the belt runs through belt loops. As long as you’re wearing it, a fanny pack is more like an OWB belly band.

Probably the more important questions are:
Do you take it off — then what?
Is the gun secured in a fixed position with controls covered — or just dropped in loose?

Then the conversation can follow existing comparable themes, like loose or holstered pocket carry — or the difference between good and bad holsters — or what to do in a public bathroom/dressing room.


I think this is the key. If you regularly take it off when sitting down at a restaurant, etc. then it is just a purse or pack you are wearing around your waist instead of over your shoulder. The benefits over those off body carry methods being that it would be harder for someone to grab away from you when you are wearing it and easier to keep it in the same position to allow for a consistent draw motion.

If you always leave it on I see little difference between it and some of the other on body carry methods people use.

My fanny pack has a built in holster and separate compartment to keep the pistol away from anything else I might stick in it- usually my money clip so it will appear as I am using it as my man purse. It is not my preferred mode of carry but it does allow me to conceal a larger firearm than I otherwise could when backpacking or mountain biking. When the gun is in it it doesn’t leave my body.


One of my concerns would be having to remove it in a restaurant environment and forgetting it. I always on body carry.


That is one advantage of a fanny pack. You can either always wear it on your front or side or switch it from back to front when you sit.

You could even leave it around your waist when you drop your pants in the restroom. Hmmm, maybe it is one of the few carry methods that doesn’t have to be temporarily off body;)? Unless we count dangling around our ankles as still on body?

I guess all carry methods have their strengths and weaknesses. We just need to minimize the risks from the weaknesses.


Alecs I wear my Tommygunpack all the time even in the bathroom room I sling it across my chest like a rifle sling and the business end is under my left arm and quite easy the draw while I’m in a setting position not only in the bathroom but it works really well while driving, and when I transition to walking it easy to put it around my waist, I’ve trained with my Tommygunpack in several position. And it works really well for me.


I’m not going into details, but I always have a “Hide-Out”.
I always have an “Off-Body” as well.
There is always a Rifle in the Vehicle…


As a Certified Instructor and Combat Competition Shooter I am one of the Primary Defenders(Security Team) of our Church against a Mass Shooter.

I don’t want to be outgunned, especially since Church Shooters often use a Rifle.

So - I feel the potential need for more Firepower than Most.

So I feel the need for a Double Stack 9mm and at least 1 reload.

I “Compete” with a Full Size SSP - S&W M&P9 17+1 cap, but cant really Conceal it that easy.
But I “CAN” carry a S&W M&P9C 12 +1 cap, mounted Vertical in a Holster in a
Fanny Pack at 3 Oclock. (My std Draw Location)

Costs me 1 sec to unzip-it but I still have only a Tot - 2 sec draw to target.
so My Normal 1 sec Draw goes to 2 sec but hopeful still fast enough.

AND I carry 2 full 17 rd Re-loads on the OFF-Side - 9 Oclock.
NOTE : My “Full Size” 17rd mags will also work in my 9C.

So NOW I am carrying 12 + 1, + 17 + 17 = 46rds. !

And may very well need ALL OF IT.


I have an AR in the Trunk but likely no time to get to it.


Only when I’m shopping in my mankini :astonished:

Sorry… couldn’t resist.

…and no I don’t wear a mankini…nor should anybody :grimacing:


I wear mankini when drinking martini and carry my handgun in purse from Braccialini.


And for dinner? A teeny weeny broccolini? (Sorry, really, not trying to be a meany.)

(Yeah, someone had way too much Dr. Seuss as a child.)


Boy, I sure hope not — that’s a big crew of terrorists, or a lot of missed shots flying around a room full of non-targets. But, if you need a few more, the M2.0 M&P9c carries 15+1. And if your god would accept you with an untucked shirt, you wouldn’t need to risk fumbling with zippers. Or if you’re going to carry vertically in a bag, why not start with a larger capacity magazine? Anyway, good luck.


Hi capacity? PMR 30 (30+1) or 5.7 (20+1) Ruger or FN. Both are pretty potent rounds, 22 magnum or 5.7 x 28. The PMR is a tack driver, as well as the 5.7’s. Easy to carry during the winter or fall. As for off body backpack or messenger bag. An associate of mine purse carries, so essentially off body carry.



NO it is “NOT” a big “Crew” of terrorists.
BUT - 46 rds of 9mm for me - HELL YES - and I am still Out-gunned.

The Typical Mass Shooter:
It is usually 1 man with an AR15 and 3 (Avg) - 30rd mags = SO 90rds 223/556.
The avg US Mass Shooting.

So I dont “know it all” - BUT I have been to 3 Large Seminars by Nationally Respected
groups who study these issues. Mass Church Shootings.

And as a State and DHS Certified Pistol Instr “I helped” our church develop a training
program/Team to address these threats. Along with our Police rep - Former SWAT Officer.
We Practice Attack/Respond scenarios.

(In case you don’t follow US current and Past News reports of Mass Shootings.)
It is often 1 PSYCO WITH AN AR15 AND A COUPLE OF “SPARE” 30RD MAGS - Typical.
That makes HIS round count say 90rds.!! and UP. Of 223/556.!
Typical, “Load-out” for US Mass shooters.
VS “MY” 46rds of 9mm.

SO - I am Still at a BIG Disadvantage in Fire Power and Weaponry.
I am WAY OUT GUNNED just to Start.

MY only advantage will likely be my Skill Level.
Considering my 46 rds of 9mm vs His 90 rds of 223/556(Or more).

So my Draw is now 2 seconds instead of My Normal of 1/2 sec - Its a trade-off I have to
accept for now but work on.

BUT - If I am going to be in a Real Fight for my life against a Rifle - I want all the
ammo I can reasonably carry.
So For Me Better “Too Many” than not enough.
Since 46 rds of 9mm (For Me) vs 90rds of 223 (For them) is Still, already, Fundamentally
a Loosing Proposition.

I did Not say it was Easy.
We DO practice Church shooting scenarios fm time to time.
“I” know how to shoot in a crowd - practice it all the time - best thing is wait until things clear out ??
But meanwhile people are being killed.
Problem is most of the bystanders Don’t “Clear Out” or even move at all -
they just stay Frozen in place with Confusion/Fear waiting their turn to be shot.
Seems counter-intuitive but it’s what actually happens.

And if the Killer is still shooting I want to fill him up with all the 9’s I can carry -ASAP.
Being aware of possible Shoot-thrus, misses, etc.
Me -“Take a Safe Angle/s”

SO - I/we do NOT have time to wait for the Police.
Avg # killed if :
Defenders Respond in say 1-3 min = 1-5 killed
Defenders Respond in 3-7 min = 10-15 Killed(Avg Police Response time = 5min.)
Those numbers are “Roughly”.

SO - Dam Right I am carrying 46rds - Because I cant logically carry More.
AND I cannot logically carry my AR15 in church for Security - or I would.

AND I carry in a Fanny Pack because I carry Everyday/Everywhere Hot or cold.
And have the skills, much more than most, to do it.


For river trips either a 30 or 50 cal ammo can works well. They are waterproof, sturdy, can be tethered to the boat and they float. Whether it’s by canoe, rafting or river jon they are a pretty good option.


Ok, if that’s how you see it. I’m inclined to do the math different.

If you are considering a solo shooter event, I see one hostile gun trying to connect with maybe 10 to 100 targets, having one to ten rounds available per target and no concern whatever about the safety of others. That’s against you potentially throwing out 50 rounds in the attempt to disable just a single target, while concerned and responsible for a house full of panicked innocents. That’s not even considering other members of your security team, all with the same single legitimate hostile target and chaos responsibility.

Personally, I think I might prefer to take on the single shooter bare-handed instead of being surrounded by that kind of friendly firestorm. Certainly, I would never sit more than two steps from the door if I was aware of that security plan.

All that is considering only your single shooter standing in the room or walking the halls. If you face a sniper-type attack (shooter in cover with an elevated open field of fire — inside or outside your worship space) then I agree, you are out-gunned. But it won’t be about ammunition supply.

Anyway, back to off-body carry — I hope it works out for you, and wish your congregation safe outcomes.

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