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Although they occurred years apart and on opposite ends of the U.S., the following two incidents highlight why we must consider the shark-tank analogy before jumping into a fight. Always remember, it’s self-defense, not stuff-defense.

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At what point are you willing to jump into the shark tank?

Haven’t heard about the shark tank analogy? You can find out more about it here: What would make you draw?

Personally, Such scum have bodies like all of us. Do not hesitate to resist and disable any of their parts as any gang member would do against us. Translation, stop them the same way any street fighter, gang banger would do to you or me. They deserve no soft “grama” hands. An eye for an eye! A tooth for a tooth! Sometimes it is war! Go to the matts people! They deserve nothing less…

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I think the best policy is to be the best witness as possible and note what aggressors look like, what they say, anyway to identify them. Call 911 ASAP. If there is no deadly force being used don’t start its use. You cannot be sure what the issue is and who is in the right. As long as it is a basic static situation and no personal injury being done wait and observe and delay action. Wait for the uniforms. jd

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These 2 examples are in truth the same, not about stuff but about defending yourself. Someone trying to steal a kid or someone stealing a phone, being confronted and then the people who took the phone attacked an off duty cop. In both cases deadly force should have been used, taking a kid is not “stuff” and beating the cop to the extent he was beaten left the phone issue way behind and moved into self defense.

I do understand your point, but your examples leave much to be desired.

Semper Fie


Property is replaceable, life is not… choose wisely.

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