The difference is that the riot directly affect Congress. Double standards apply as always.

And invent a new word they will Jason. That’s what liberals do. They weaponize the word now to fit their sick agendas. They even have some on line dictionaries they have forced changing the description of certain words to fit their socialist agenda’s as well. Sick, but true.

In any event, I could not concur more with every word of your post. In fact, your wording is being too kind to the left in fact.

There is no getting together with them at this point they are so far left. None. Their only objective is to completely wipe out any and all Conservatism at this point. If you don’t believe them to truly be your enemy, and I do mean truly, just read leftist comments on the death of Rush Limbaugh. Just read them and understand if they say these things about a man that didn’t change Conservatism, but he himself created Conservative talk radio, then they can and most definitely will say the same about you, your spouse, children and grandchildren. Make NO mistake about that. They are THAT evil. Their only agenda is to destroy everything they touch. Period.


They have definitely forced change to suit their needs. Up until a couple years ago the CDC classified transgenderism as a psychological disorder. Why was that changed?

The comments on Rush are sickening, unreal.

I was reading the other day they’re planning on changing PT standards to allow for equity or some shit with the military. Russia and China must be salivating right now when they look at the shit going on in our country and read shit like that. Although how much of our government is aligned with China anyway.

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The chinese ARE salivating with what’s going on in this country because THEY are the ones crushing it from within and causing it to eventually implode on itself as does all socialism eventually. It is a self-destructive ideology and history keeps proving that out and yet 50% of the walking dead in this country don’t know, don’t care, are unaware or totally oblivious to it. And worse still are the ones that don’t even know what they don’t know. Period.


This is nonsense all around.

First, let’s talk about GTMO. GTMO as a holding facility pre-dates the war on terror. It was used to house Haitian refugees back in the day, with similar rationale and controversy. The argument then, in 2002, and today is that we need to hold people somewhere safe and secure, under U.S. control and protection, but not on U.S. soil. The terrorists still living on GTMO are generally the worst of the worst- no nation has volunteered to take them back in nearly 2 decades- but the point of keeping them in Cuba is that once they’re on U.S. soil they’re subject to U.S. courts. Except their crimes, by and large, were committed on foreign soil, and are not within U.S. jurisdiction. Some folks like to say we need to try them in civilian courts, but civilian courts have no power to try non-citizens who committed acts of war in other nations. It irks me when folks on the right or the left talk about sending U.S. citizens to GTMO. It takes a degree of purposeful ignorance or truthlessness to pretend GTMO is a place to house U.S. inmates.

Second, let’s talk about “terrorists.” Ever since 11 Sept 2011, politicians and pundits love to toss around the word “terrorist” when they talk about anyone they don’t like. Terrorism may not be the most narrowly defined crime, but the word has a meaning. People who riot and loot aren’t terrorists, they’re rioters and looters. People who support white nationalism or communism are not terrorists, they’re racists and communists. Terrorism does not mean political disagreement. A terrorist is someone who commits a violent, dangerous, or destructive crime intended to intimidate or coerce civilians or government(s). Mass destruction, assassination, and kidnapping can be forms of terrorism. Owning a firearm, expressing opinions, or opposing legislation are not forms of terrorism. People who suggest such a thing should be shunned.

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Completely agree Quade. The only comment I would make is that people that support their heritage, culture and race are not to be grouped in with racism.

As a caucasian American with full Italian heritage, I find pride in that and have hopes that my race and background of Italian birthing continues on and on into the future. That in and of itself doesn’t make for being racist.

I’m not singling your statement out as that. I’m simply making a point that, just like firearms are now considered by selection as evil and just having one hanging on the wall or displayed in a video conference is considered as such so goes the harm that we cause by grouping people’s pride in their heritage as racist.

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They are purging anyone with a connection, no matter how tenuous, with so-called White Supremacist groups. They are using Soldiers’ tattoos and social media posts to identify those they want to purge, as well as encouraging Soldiers to turn each other in.
Years ago, the Army created an organization at West Point to track extremists This organisation didn’t look at Islamic or other foreign groups. It focussed on people who were white, Christian and conservative. If that doesn’t frighten you, nothing will.


TRUTH! I have spoken to several West Point alumni and former cadre who have been disgusted by and concerned about this for over a decade. Of course, none of them actually tried to DO anything about it except complain amongst themselves.

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The fact that my military service does anything other than identify me as someone who was willing to die for the principles my country stood for makes me madder than anything else I have ever had said to me. God knows I’ve been called some awful things that just made me have to laugh at the sheer preposterousness of it.


Sadly, I believe the past tense used in your statement is accurate, as in those were the principles of our formerly great nation.

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My soul is dying because of the destruction of our country and family. Satan is having a hay day. God have mercy on us.


On point!

Tsun Tzu, Just like Patton to Rommel. I have read his book. He had great tactical wisdom for sure

Revelations talks about it all

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Anybody see Coke Colas new employee training? I think I would sue my company if so were forced to take this training on the grounds of creating a hostile workplace.


Ha ha ha… that was something trending about a month ago. People started noticing that all of these consultants who are getting rich teaching race classes at big corporations are… white. Funny to see him point it out towards the end of this video.

I’m not sure what the USCCA equivalent of that would be. “Hi, I’m Gary and I’ll be your concealed carry instructor. I don’t actually own any pistols, but I own a lot of rifles. It’s basically the same thing, except you can conceal a pistol. Let me tell you some stuff those concealed carry people do.”


This is nonsense. I’ve heard no reports of anyone from the Federalist Society or the Club for Growth or any other prominent Conservative groups being purged.

well the thing is… we don’t see these groups actually saying much on those platforms???

if I’m wrong please point out where they say something… and where…

and another thing… stick around these people are not even close to being done…

they know there is a time limit… even IF they pass HR 1 they could still lose…


You’re lucky you’re not Jewish, then you would have to deal with the “Open Season” on Jews.