Winter gear testing in New England

Back at FoxDen Solution for winter fun. Only the dedicated folks showed up to test their gear in 25-30 degrees plus snow. Only four showed up, lol.
It was not a course; it was an opportunity to test your gear or practice filling the gaps on things you need to work on- drawing, moving lateral moving, reload drills, and the little things/fine-tuning.

I decided to bring my EDC and my rifle to train. So I packed my Staccactos C2, P, and Daniel Defense M4A1 to the range. It was cold, wet, and downright fun testing the Leather vs. Kydex holster, which has a faster draw from AIWB. I also tested two winter Jacks Arc’teryx Leaf cold WX gen two and UF Pro Delta Eagle Gen. 3 Tactical Softshell. It was great to learn a little more about the gear I use.
I will do more in-depth on Kydex vs. Leather and the two Jackets. I have another cold weather course on the weekend of the 22nd. It will be a full day, 8 hours in the cold compared to today was only 3 hours.


This looks like it was a great time. I would have loved to join, even though I am not a “cold-weather” person, however, I understand the need to train in all types of weather. Kudos, to the 4 that showed up!


Looks like a lot of fun was had brother. Thanks for sharing the pics.


OMG… :scream:
How could you do this to Staccato pistols… I hope you kept them in some kind of heated holsters…

Great move to train in such conditions. :love_you_gesture: Nobody likes surprises in real situation.


Love It Love It Love It. As we all know, bad times don’t always come at a good time…


Great hardware you have there, and nice pictures. keep us updated on the gear testing, stay warm. :laughing: