Do you train outside in all kinds of weather?

In Wisconsin, we can have all four seasons in a matter of hours: snow, sleet, rain, wind, and beautiful sunshine. The huge variance in temperature and weather conditions can affect what we’re wearing and how our bodies react to stress.

Being able to quickly respond to a self-defense situation regardless of the weather or your clothing is vital to your safety.

How do you train for adverse weather conditions?


Go to the range, regardless of the weather. It’s more about training, in the different clothing I would wear in adverse conditions. I don’t want to stand in my 71 degree living room in a sweatshirt and Carhartt coat.


I usually schedule outside range class 1 month ahead, so the weather is always a big surprise. So far I was lucky to train in hot sunny, over 90F day, rainy regular 50F day and freezing, rainy evening.
I definitely advocate all weather conditions training. Now I’m looking forward to shoot in snowy day. :slightly_smiling_face:


Absolutely, as long as there is no lightning! Rain, shine, 105 degrees, or 35 degrees! My outdoor range also used to permit low light usage, usually prior to sunrise, never sunset. That was 12 - 15 years ago.


I don’t mind training in all sorts of weather. I used to hunt in all sorts of weather up north, but I am downright skeered to drive when it snows here. I’m used to driving in snow, but no one else down here can. I’ll wait for the next day, and go shooting in the cold once the roads have cleared up


I train regardless of temp and snow on the ground…however I have not trained while actually raining or snowing while standing out in it (under cover on occasion).

So I have the extra clothing component down but not operating while wet.

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Nothing better than training in -35 degree weather. numb hands, cold steel, and frosty steel targets. Pouring down rain and being soaked all the way through as you stand in the water shooting or better as you lay in the prone position.


I am a fair weather EVERYTHING! I never do anything in the rain, and never never do anything when it is cold and raining. That’s why I moved from Ohio to Texas.


I live in OR and am a weather wuss. I dont like cold, dont like hot, dont like wet… but yeh, I shoot anyways. I am fortunate that I have a range right out of my driveway, only 30 yards, but I can set uo a bench/table and sit in relative comfort to shoot. When the rain stops, can go out and shoot and stay dry. As far as shooting “skills/comfort” go, I am not adverse to shooting in nasty weather and have done my share of it. But if not necessary… I like dry and warm/comfortable.


Used to… and as part of the instructor team on the range, had to assist students in all sorts of weather… including thunder storms, rain so hard could barely see the targets at 15 yards…

And while a doing some training of our own, three of the staff were in a huge downpour when we heard a freight train… which is odd, as we were not near the tracks … and when we headed back in… .we found a new highway through the woods where a tornado took out the trees in a wide swath.

Winter, snow, ice, slush, heat of summer, and even did a little in North Africa…

Guess we hit all the weather types… but that was years ago.

Now, nice weather works fine.

And loading magazines…

Yes, it’s called hunting. :+1:

Don’t say down here… unless you are really down there like Mississippi or Louisiana or Florida.

I know how to drive in the snow… grew up doing it, but these days, far too many do not know… .and that includes some I see with New York or Massachusetts license plates… and to be honest, I have seen a few from Wisconsin and Ohio that were questionable


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If you had bothered to check my profile you would see that yes, I do live down here. Please be sure to check your facts next time

Yes I do. It would be wrong not to. You don’t know what the conditions will be when a fight comes to you. You need to know how to handle cold weather, wetness, obscured vision, and environmental effects on your systems such as water, mud, and sand.

Plus, it’s fun :smile:

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I did not present any facts regarding you. So there is no need to check facts.

Second, I do not run around and look to see what everyone claims in some bio they provide.

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you doubted that I “live down here”, and since you disputed that fact, you should have made sure that I didn’t live down here before you disputed that. Don’t backpaddle now, it’s too late, next time take the time before you throw around a baseless accusation.

Guys, can you stick to the topic?
If you get something to explain between both of you, just use private messaging.

Don’t make this Community another FB or Twitter… :angry:


I’m sorry @Jerzy, but if someone calls me out wrongly, I will defend myself.

Did not call you out. It was not a serious comment.

Lighten up Francis