Winter Driving Reminder

When you HAVE to drive in nasty, icy conditions, remember to take your overdrive OFF, so that you have 3 “honest” gears for better control, using your shifter - especially starting out on ice. FYI - Kurt17


If you come out of your house and everything is icy. Remember, keep your feet close together using side to side small pushes to create a skating type movement. This could help stop you from frosting your :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: (butt), on your way to the car.

This is another public service announcement from your local broadcast system.


Go back inside have a coffee or put on your ice cleats. Walk like a man or call it a day…

The only was to shut off the over drive on my car is to put it into sport mode…

And remember to stock your emergency BOB with specific winter survival items if you haven’t already.

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Keep things like beef jerky, and Gatorade with you. Along with a blanket, and a spare coat. Usually, my hunting gear just lives in my truck until spring.

Sit in a cold, dead vehicle waiting for a tow for an hour one time, and you’ll appreciate these items.

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On top of what @45IPAC said. Don’t forget to leave a couple packages of hot hands in your car or in your bag that you carry for survival. Putting a couple hot hands in your shoes is the difference between freezing and warming up your body.

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Praying 2020 brings a big snow to my area this year :grin: