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In much of this country, we’ve hit the time of year in which it can get cold enough to kill you. Honestly, I’ve seen everything line up just wrong enough for people to go hypothermic on the Fourth of July up here in Wisconsin. But once the temperature settles below freezing, ensuring that you’re properly prepared for a winter emergency is more important than ever. As a lifelong resident of the frozen north, I’ve assembled a few tips for anyone who might be new to this whole “it’s so cold that my pants are making weird noises when I walk outside” thing.

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Nice post!
Reminds me of when we lived in Ohio, yuck!

There isn’t much super cold here in central TX but I do have those rip to open heat packs in my Get Home Bag. I’ve had to use them a time or two at work this year, but ended up giving them to all the ladies in the office. That always makes me a hero!

Dude!!! I just moved to OH and think it’s balmy compared to the Wisconsin winters I lived in for 50 years! LOL
I carry a big tote in my truck with all sorts of goodies. sleeping bag, extra coat, hat, gloves, boots. Hand warmers for sure. Candles, lighters. Candles can actually throw a fair amount of heat in a small space.
I had the sleeping bag save one of my sons once–he was driving home late and flipped his car on the ice. He had a sleeping bag handy (I put it in his car). He was in the middle of nowhere and it was 5 degrees and his cell phone was dead. He crawled in the bag and waited for daylight. Everything worked out ok-- he got picked up by a passing motorist at 7 am and called me. Probably wouldn’t have if he’d tried walking out at night.

Lived up north and froze, moved to FL and burnt up.
Moved half way back - cold is 45 and hot is 85 - Happy!

When I lived in Ohio (<98) it was my pre-firearm and pre-prepper life. All I had back then was a Colt King Cobra, 357. Still have that beauty! The younger part of my life was in Cincinnati, and later from the '78 blizzard we had just moved to Columbus (Dublin).

In those day I had nothing in the car but other than always a cooler with beer in it.
No life saving stuff, well the beer I guess.

Good story with your son, makin’ memories!

Ohio, I loved Spring, Summer and Fall, and winter up until January 2nd every year. From January through about the middle of April I hated it.

Tomorrow here in the Texas Hill Country it is supposed to be 78 and sunny!
You’re Pinkerington, we used to drive out that way to golf at Salt Fork State Park.
Hiking in Hocking Hills, going to Kings Island and a Reds game, good times!

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@Fizbin–my new bride had taken me to Hocking Hills–there’s a great BBQ place close to there that I can’t wait to get back to.
Do you by chance, chase hogs down in TX?

Hey, Yes we’ve got lots of hogs on the ranch! Look close at my Avatar picture.