Wild West Trivia

Was Henry McCarty - alias William Bonney - alias Billy The Kid - right or left-handed? If you look at his photo, and at the receiver on the Winchester he’s holding, you’ll have the answer. He was supposedly wearing his favorite gun - a Colt “Thunderer” double-action in .41 Colt. FYI - Kurt

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Billy The Kid was ambidextrous.


There are very few photos of Billy. Perhaps the one you are referring to is the famous tin-type photo. The way that photo was taken left an “Inverted” mirror image of the subject, Billy.
Here is a good web site on Billy photos:


If memory serves me correctly, these cameras only had one optic lens reversing the image. It would take two to invert the image on the plate and have the “proper” image captured.

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Optically made images are captured on the emulsion upside down and backwards, How the negative or glass plate is oriented during printing is what restores the correct order of things. Tintypes however are a bit different. Are the Billy the Kid photos tintypes?

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“He is, in all, quite a handsome looking fella”

Driver’s license photos; enough said!

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