Who remembers their first time shooting at an indoor range?


I remember thinking everyone was looking at me when I went to the range the first time. Unfortunately, the range wasn’t very welcoming to females at that point and I was very uncomfortable. But I shot really well. :slight_smile: And I was hooked. I’ve gone to other ranges since and have had much better experiences.

What was your first experience at the range? What tips would you give to someone going to the range for the first time?


Qualifying for my Security Officer certificate. Ear muffs and street glasses with revolver and shotgun. All my other training and recreation shooting was outdoors.

It was a bit intimidating as everyone was not friends of mine or known to me prior. No experience shooting with them so no idea if they had handling experience or how much.

There were a few that had made known they were new to this, never fired a weapon before. So knew of them but not anyone else. Had to fully trust the range instructors to keep me safe.

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Hadn’t shot since the military, many many years ago. Went to a large place with rentals to try out a few. Was terrified inside, but walked in like I owned the place. Everyone was nice and accommodating, and everything went well. Ended up buying the gun I had my eye on, the m&p 40c.

Much easier than my first time on a motorcycle. Had never ridden one. Was great with a manual car, but never done a bike. The dealer wheeled it out. I got on it and unconsciously started saying to myself, “throttle, clutch, shifter”. He heard me, and exclaimed, “You’ve never been on a motorcycle?” “Nope.” “Dear God,” he said, “you’re gonna kill yourself.” Came close to death once, but that was many years later.

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My first time shooting on an indoor range was in 1980 during U.S. Navy Bootcamp and I was training and qualifying on a .22 version of the Colt 1911. Then when I was assigned to my first duty ship I trained and qualified on the .45 and the M16.

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That’s easy. I’ve always fired at outdoor ranges until a little over a year ago. It’s a bit unnerving being next to someone you don’t know, especially when you see them firing rounds at a close target and not coming anywhere near the bullseye. The noise in a closed in room. I prefer outdoor ranges.

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Have the indoor ranges you’ve all shot at had RSOs? I know our Range Safety Officers see a LOT of scary stuff.

I’m an NRA RSO and can RSO at the range where I work for fun (it’s an awesome fun job!) but mostly I work the gun counters and with the shooters before they go into the lanes. Some of the things I’ve seen on the range blow my mind…


Actually, the first time I was at an indoor range was just about 5 or 6 years ago. Up until then I had done most of my shooting on private land. My youngest and her boyfriend talked me into going with them. It was fun and enjoyable that first time. The second time we went to the same place the RSO was a complete ASS to my daughter. She was firing my 44 Mag for the first time (she was so excited). On her third round she accidentally hit the top of the target holder in her lane, you would have thought she had just shoot someone the way he yelled at her (like she had done it on purpose). It ruined her day and none of us has gone back since (to that place). We still occasionally still go out shooting but we will never go to that place to shoot again.

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I did not like the noise nor the concussion of other guns that were near me. Outdoor range is for me.


Be glad you weren’t at the indoor range the day I took my 44 mag


Or the days we took the desert eagle 50AE :boom: :laughing: :boom:


That would do it too (and then some).