What's your opinion on 2A audits

Here’s an example of a second amendment audit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtvLqJwiNEY

O.K., thank you. Now my opinion, first let me say that I come from a LE family. On top of that I am not a very trusting person by nature. Many Police stations today are short staffed and hiring standards are much different than 30 years . On top of the fact that you have probably just terrorized a park full of civilians, it seems to me that everything has to go perfectly for you not to get shot or arrested even if for only a couple hours. Now if you did manage perfection you have probably made an enemy of the local Department on top of ruining everyone’s day. Why not make an appointment with the Captain or Sargent and ask them what their officers know instead?

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Totally agree!

Head over to Youtube and watch a few.

Actually there are dozens if not hundreds of these being done every week and I have yet to hear of one of them resulting in an inadvertent shooting.

The who risk can be averted too if they’ll just contact the local PD/Sheriff ahead of time and let them know they are going to be “demonstrating” as in demonstrating their rights in public.

An audit is a test. A test and a demonstration are different things.

They are testing the reacitons of the public and police to people exercising their 2nd Amendment Rights.

It’s what they are called, as I said go over to Youtube and search for “second amendment audit”.

2nd Amendment demonstrations generally go the way of a small parade of guys/gals carrying long guns down the street. Those were a pretty big deal prior to OC passing here in Texas but have pretty much faded away.

I understand what you are saying and do not disagree with the premise. The example I went to was from JTS. Here was my thought on that one, Officers believe there is a gunman in the park. Officer 1 engages you while 2,3,4, and ⁵ drive there getting amped up. Some showing up scared, some maybe excited, all with adrenaline through the roof. Suppose that 2 and 3 believe that 1 has been unsuccessful at disarming you and you make a move that makes them uncomfortable. Do you get where I am going with this? We are all human and there is a first for everything.

I do, but that ignores the fact that officers communicate constantly and with few exceptions will not shoot unless they hae to.

Shooting someone in such a situation who is carrying a weapon that is slung and not in their hands would be all but impossible to justify so the officer doing so is probably going to prison for 20-Life.

Yes there’s always a possibility things could go bad but then that’s the case anytime you interact with police.

Now, if you’re walking around with your hands on it in an attack posture all bets are off and that is illegal everywhere OC with a long gun is legal.

OK, I give!:grin:

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Ok, I will make it a few instead of one.

Just to be clear, in general while I understand these guys/gals I think they are doing the rest of us more harm than good even though I occasionally do support what they are doing.

Even though I love the 2nd amendment, I have to agree this was incredibly stupid and reckless. Theres a better and more responsible way to get your point across and practice your 2nd Amendment right. This makes responsible gun owners look bad.

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I think it makes owners look a little more " in your face " than maybe we want to be right now.