What's New Pussycat?

They need to make a shirt outta this. Elon needs to hire whoever did this.


Love your Seuss wisdom post. It’s brilliance at an easy read level. No questions about content. Excellent literary work there. Tha Cat has been my favorite for a long long time.

Not trying to hijack your post but, in the spirit of defiance

Been hearing a bit about plans for a new variant, new or additional “medicine”, and, of course, fall face garment trends. Anyone else hearing the rumblings? Are you going to play the game again? Trust the science? How far will lockdowns go this round? How many family members will die alone? Will the rest of small business be run out? How many more anti gun people will seek training this time? Most importantly , will we make it out the other side this time?Not trying to pick a fight with a few of you folks, just asking how we, as a community ,feel about this.

I did the fashion show on a very limited basis, to see Mom. The rest of it I calculated my risk and decided to live, my life was not in danger. Not allot of confrontation but, some. I do expect allot more shaming towards me for living by my choices. Oh you know the thing.

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.


We’re approaching an election cycle, expect a lot of sadness. If this goes as they plan, NO, we don’t make it out the other side. There are rumblings concerning a whole host of things!
We had our chance and we blew it! This will be their “mic drop” moment!


Why the Obama gif, Biden doesn’t have the dexterity or the know how! He’s more likely to trip over the microphone after it’s been dropped!