What you think about this case?

I been looking at this and I think it would be awesome just didn’t know if any of you guys had one and your thoughts on it! Thank you all


@Grizzly if you do a search on “Sneaky Pete” you will see tons of opinions. Lots of them are mine. Lol.


Check those opinions:

Thx @TexasEskimo :+1:

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Looks great, however since they are advertised in all the gun porn, everyone knows it ain’t your phone!
Unless you’re wearing it under the shirt, then of course your draw is going to be a lot slower!
Great for IFAK, fool bad actors by moving it to opposing hip. Draw from strong side and surprise bad actor.


I got out of more “Are you carrying a GUN” issues with a hip mounted phone case than I can count. Now I will tell you that was back when we wore pagers and flip phones and crackberries on our strong side hip. You could sweep back your shirt and go “No, it’s my phone/pager!” and the gun was right behind it. Now with folks carrying phones in hip pockets, back pockets or at 3:00 it’s not so common and harder to conceal. Anything that can break up the outline of a GUN is a good thing. A little obfuscation and camouflage doesn’t hurt either. Having a 3:00 mounted distressed leather phone holster can cover a lot of tracks with an IWB holster tucked snugly up behind it @ 4:30. If someone want’s to make a couple $100K, design a holster for the gun and the phone in a wrap around package.




I haven’t got my case yet but when I do ill be sure to let you all know for sure and the magazine holders im not sure about